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Annually, 12- 15 million automobiles are estimated to reach the end of their use in the united states. Though out of commission, these vehicles still have a purpose as auto scrap near Everett MA, by giving back metals, glass, and other recyclable materials they possess, which has birthed an auto scrap industry.

Suppose you live near the Everett Area of Massachusetts and possess one of such vehicles. In that case, you may be looking for ways to dispose of that clunker. We want you to know that Junkar Ninja is willing to purchase your old auto scrap near Everett MA and pay you a deserving compensation for it.

Junkar Ninja is an auto scrapping company specialized in junk car buying and recycling. Basically, we exchange your old vehicles for cash and convert the recyclable materials into other products. We pay cash for all types of vehicles and offer services (ranging from auto scrapping to car sales).

We are committed to being responsive to all your auto needs while providing top-of-the-line car scrapping services to all of our clients.

Vehicle Recycling

Before you go about selling your beater as auto scrap near Everett MA, you might be interested in learning the basics of car scrapping and recycling.

Vehicle recycling or auto scrapping is the breaking down of scrap vehicles into materials that can be reused. Recycling a car is very complicated as there are many technical parts to it and plenty of parts to recycle.

Salvageable high-value parts such as engines, electronic modules, and other parts like the tires, battery, wheels, and mirrors, to mention a few, will be removed. The fluids such as coolants, AC refrigerants, residual fuel, and oil can also be filtered and reused.  Glasses, if in good conditions, can be savaged too.

After all, parts are removed, the remaining parts are crushed, and the metal parts are recycled into new parts ready for manufacturing another car.

Junkar Ninja possesses the technical expertise to handle large-scale recycling services for car owners in Everett MA.

Auto Scrap near Everett MA

Why Scrap Your Clunker?

Junk vehicles are responsible for a substantial part of environmental waste yearly. Recycling these vehicles is therefore very essential to the environment. Although you might think you could just put the clunkers in a landfill, inappropriate dumping of cars or their parts results in land pollution that affects the environment. This is why you should handle them properly to ensure the reduction of hazardous wastes in the environment.

There are numerous advantages of scrapping your clunkers; some of them are:

  • SPACE: You get more space in your driveway and garage. If you intend to get a new car, scrapping your old ride is perfect for decluttering your garage.
  • EARN MONEY: Yes, that’s right! The process of recycling old cars is not only beneficial to the environment. It is also rewarding to individuals; you can sell your cars to auto recyclers and earn cash for it. Depending on your vehicle, you could earn hundreds to thousands of dollars when you junk your auto scrap near Everett MA, at Junkar Ninja.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY:  If old cars are left to rot in landfills, some poisonous metals like lead and mercury will leach into the surrounding soil and water bodies, causing more harm to the environment. Junkar Ninja offers you a chance to ease the strain on mother nature when you hand over your auto scrap near Everett MA, to us.
  • RE– USE OF VEHICLE PARTS: Auto scrapping is majorly about reusing parts that will conserve limited resources and reduce the cost of manufacturing new ones

Junk your auto scrap near Everett MA at Junkar Ninja

If you own an old car, it will sooner belong to scrap after years of diligent service. You should reach out to us at Junkar Ninja when that happens. You can contact us on our website. You would be required to provide detailed information about your vehicles, such as age, condition, model, and location of your vehicle in Everett, MA. The scrap value of your vehicle can then be evaluated. Then you would get an instant offer for your vehicle at that point.

Once a deal has been struck, a representative from us calls you to schedule a time and place for pick up and payment. The best part, you get your full cash payment upon pick up.

We place great importance on customer service and experience. This is why we offer an engaging car trading process that is relatively easy and stress-less on the seller’s part. All they have to do is contact us.

Auto Scrap near Everett MA

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