Scrap Car Near Salem MA: Junk Car Title Requirements You Should Know

If you plan to scrap car near Salem MA, you ought to possess the title. No title could mean no sale as per state law. However, if you have lost your car title or it is stolen, worry not. Chances are you may still apply for a duplicate title or scrap car near Salem MA at a junkyard, such as JUNKAR NINJA.

Points to consider

  • When junking your car for cash, you transfer the Certificate of Title to the buyer or auto scrapper. Then the cancellation is sent immediately to the Title Office after the car is scrapped.
  • You cannot scrap car near Salem MA for cash if your vehicle has a memorandum title. The reason is that a memorandum title tells the other party that there is an outstanding lien on the car. This means you cannot junk your car for cash using lien from a lender, as you are not considered the owner in legal terms. As a result, you cannot transfer car ownership.
  • If your vehicle has a salvage title, it means that your auto insurance company has deemed your vehicle as a total loss. Each state determines the criteria to issue a salvage title in its respective jurisdiction. A vehicle with a salvage title has a license marked “FOR DESTRUCTION.” So you can scrap car near Salem MA.
  • When it comes to junking your vehicle for cash, you can transfer your title to the buyer. Most scrap yards have easy access to a notary, which speeds up the process of finalizing the transaction.
  • In the event that you have lost the title but want to scrap car near Salem MA for cash, you may either place a request for a duplicate title at a county Title Office or sell it for cash to a junkyard, such as JUNKAR NINJA. However, if you do not have a title, you will still need to present important documents that prove your ownership of the vehicle.
How To Scrap Car Near Salem MA for Cash Without Title

When it comes to selling a vehicle for scrap, it is important to understand the procedure for scrapping a four-wheeler. Speak with a company interested in salvage vehicles to learn about their process for buying vehicles without a title. Disclose about the lost title and find out if they are still interested in the junk vehicle.

If they tell that you cannot scrap car near Salem MA without a title, you may want to move on and check the same with another buyer or junkyard that is willing to buy the vehicle without a title.


If you have lost the title and plan to sell the clunker to a car junker for cash, you may not even need a title. When you can prove your ownership of the vehicle with a driver’s license and valid registration, JUNKAR NINJA can pay you cash for scrap vehicles without a title.

However, you may still need a title if you plan to sell your car to a private person. You might be required to file for a lost title and get a duplicate title. When requesting a replacement title, the car owner must bring original documents, such as registration, driver’s license, and insurance card.

You will need to pay a fee for title replacement.

Other Situations When Securing a Title Is Not Possible
  • You might have purchased a car without a title.
  • Or your vehicle qualifies as a salvage title that makes it unfit to be driven on the road.
  • A wrecked car declared totaled out doesn’t have a valid title. When a vehicle is totaled, the insurance company pays the estimated car value to the owner and the car is considered a “total loss.” Repairing such a vehicle is not worth the money, and you may want to scrap car near Salem MA instead of overhauling it. Scrapping your totaled vehicle is the best way to get rid of it when it is no longer worth spending money on.
  • Scrap yards, such as JUNKAR NINJA, pay cash for cars that do not have a title. Junkyards either sell the whole car or scrap its individual parts.
Scrap Car Near Salem MA: Benefits

Typically, a scrap yard will accept vehicles rejected by other buyers. Additionally, car owners do not need to worry about cleaning the vehicle or fixing it before sending it for scrapping to a junkyards, such as JUNKAR NINJA. The good news is you can scrap car near Salem MA as is.

This is the best option if you want to sell car quickly. JUNKAR NINJA accepts cars without a title and offers to tow your vehicle for free. What’s more, we will leave you with cash in hand.


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