When, How to Scrap Your Car Near Salem MA

A car that is old enough to be driven on the road or a vehicle that has worn out severely or has been wrecked in an accident is not worth spending thousands on repairs. There may be a malfunctioning engine in a scrap car or emissions of harmful gases that pose a threat to the environment. It is better to scrap your car near Salem MA than keep it abandoned in the driveway.

Now you might be wondering why scrapping your car is a good alternative to keeping the clunker sitting in the yard.

Well, it is quite simple. When you scrap car, which is collecting rust in the yard, you are grabbing the opportunity to make some quick money due to the increased value of metal. Connecting with an auto removal service company, such as JUNKAR NINJA, will open up many options to scrap your car near Salem MA. There are many licensed affiliated junkyards that are keen to tow your vehicle for free.

To sell the car for scrap, you need the following documents:

Car record book: Typically the idea is to prove your ownership of the car. So the auto wrecking service is interested to confirm that you are the real owner of the vehicle. A car record book proves your ownership, making the next steps easier to follow.

Certificate of Destruction: The department of motor vehicles issues a certificate to the seller as proof of your car being recycled. This certificate saves you from any hassle later with regard to the vehicle.

Scrapping Your Old Favorite

There are many options to scrap your car near Salem MA. When it comes to choosing a junk car buyer, the idea is to select one that

  • Is happy to tow your clunker away
  • Charges you nothing for vehicle pickup
  • Makes the process and paperwork hassle free
  • Makes cash payment, without keeping you waiting
  • Accepts the junk as is
  • Gives you the best value for scrap
  • Is transparent and easy to connect to

An auto removal service, such as JUNKAR NINJA, assesses the value of your junk car while considering a few factors. These include the vehicle year of manufacturing, make, and model.

Vehicle Year

The year of manufacturing is an important factor in determining the value of a vehicle when you decide to scrap your car near Salem MA. Any vehicle 20 or 30 years old is not worth more than a recent model. Comparatively, a new model could fetch you higher value.


Make, Model

The make and model of a car are other important factors in determining its worth. A relatively new car in a good condition could give you a high resale price. The value of the vehicle is estimated on the price you could get upon auctioning it. However, make and model may not have a significant impact on the value of a damaged or wrecked car. Nevertheless, auto removal companies, such as JUNKAR NINJA, are still interested in knowing the make and model of your vehicle.


For an old, worn out, rusty, or severely damaged car, the value is estimated based on the vehicle’s weight. It all comes down to the amount of scrap metal in the car, which is calculated on the basis of the current price of scrap metal.

If you plan to scrap your car near Salem MA, you should do comparison shopping to find a reputable junkyard or scrap yard that

  • Has earned reputation in the industry for safely disposing of the automotive waste
  • Is known for its fair and transparent dealing with car owners when it comes to pricing the clunker
  • Is reliable enough to take care of all the paperwork, without you having to worry for anything
  • Is professional in approach and unhesitatingly offers to tow your junk for free and make instant cash payment

If you are wondering whether it is a good option to scrap your car near Salem MA, then you might be interested to explore other options. However, in that case, you ought to look for a private buyer for your car. But is your vehicle actually roadworthy? If there is an iota of doubt about its efficiency, drop the idea of resale because it would be only waste of time. Why would anybody be interested in a clunker except for scrap?

Moreover, such junk vehicles are better to be crushed for the environment. There is a lot of toxic waste in a junk car. The toxins are chemicals that can severely harm the environment.

So the idea is to scrap your car near Salem MA as a step toward saving the earth and making some cash for car. JUNKAR NINJA prides itself on our reputation for being an environmentally conscious auto removal service that takes the responsibility to buy your junk with or without title following the law.

Our affiliated auto wrecking yards work in a highly professional manner with the environment in mind. Disposing of the automotive waste safely is a prime consideration that we never ignore.

Our fast and easy selling process is a people pleaser, and our free towing service an icing on the cake. Get paid instantly when you decide to scrap your car near Salem MA and free up some space in the yard.


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