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The old car sitting abandoned in your yard is made of valuable materials. True, it is not worthy of being driven but it can still put a few extra dollars in your pocket if you decide to scrap it. Car recycling near Saugus MA is one option you want to choose to recycle your old favorite when it has reached the end of its life. JUNKAR NINJA and similar auto removal services can come to your rescue.

Is Car Recycling Near Saugus MA the Best Option

Well, if you are unsure whether car recycling near Saugus MA is a good option, then you might be surprised to learn that every vehicle has a lot of material that can be repurposed and reused. Facts reveal that every new vehicle that hits the market has as much as 25 percent of recycled material.

Metal, glass, and rubber from old, damaged, and wrecked vehicles can be reused in an umpteen number of ways. Statistics reveal that about 12 million damaged, totaled, wrecked, or old cars are sent to wrecking yards every year. Recycled material from these scrapped vehicles is repurposed, recycled, and reused by auto removal services, such as JUNKAR NINJA, and salvage yards.

When we say car recycling near Saugus MA is the best option, you might be wondering how. Well, an unused, damaged, or abandoned vehicle is a major source of pollution. Now you might be surprised how. A standing vehicle can leak pollutants and chemicals into the soil and air, causing air, water pollution.

Car battery

When deciding whether car recycling near Saugus MA is a good idea, you might want to consider some facts about car batteries. Did you know that batteries contain lead, acid, and plastics, which must be safely disposed of or recycled? Car batteries are the most commonly recycled automotive part in the US.  Plastic derived from batteries by scrap yards affiliated with JUNKAR NINJA is recycled for use in other products.


Do you know 80% of automotive tires from junk vehicles are recycled? This is possible due to the latest technological developments, which have introduced the processes of pyrolysis and devulcanization to recycle used tires. So it makes sense to opt for car recycling near Saugus MA to give a new life to your clunker.


Glass can be recycled time and again. It can be put to an umpteen number of uses. So when you agree to going ahead with car recycling near Saugus MA, you choose to put your car scrap to the best use.


Catalytic converters

You might not be aware that catalytic converters contain some precious metals, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium that can be repurposed and reused in electronics and pharmaceutical products, electronics. It even has some uses in jewelry.  Besides, car recycling near Saugus MA is one of the best ways to put to use old catalytic converters to produce new ones.


Recycling used motor oil is the most environmentally friendly decision to make when it comes to scrapping a car at a JUNKAR NINJA-affiliated junkyard. Facts reveal that improper disposal of oil can cause serious contamination of 1 million gallons of water.

During the car recycling near Saugus MA process, fluids are drained from the dismantled vehicle and segregated for safe disposal. This includes transmission, antifreeze, gas, oil, and brake lubricants.

After the dismantling process, the car body is crushed, shredded, and reduce into a golf ball size.

A Little More About Facts

Given the benefits of car recycling near Saugus MA, the industry is growing in popularity.

  • About 12 million cars in the United States are recycled.
  • Automotive recycling in North America supplies 37 percent of ferrous metal to the scrap processing industry to be used in smelters and blast furnaces.
  • About 14 million tons of recycled steel comes from the car recycling industry.
  • About 25 percent of a car’s body is sourced from recycled steel.
  • About 90% of a vehicle’s aluminum is recycled and repurposed.

Car recycling near Saugus MA is the process to depollute a wrecked vehicle. This tells that there is a lot of hazardous material in an end-of-the-life vehicle, which must be safely depolluted. A reliable car removal service, such as JUNKAR NINJA, plays an important role in the recycling process authorized by the Environmental Agency.

Depollution is important because end-of-the-life vehicles have various toxic elements that can cause serious harm to the environment. If any such hazardous substance enters the environment, it could seriously pollute air and water.

So these substances must be removed by professionals that have the license to safely dispose of pollutants. By opting for car recycling near Saugus MA, you can walk away with peace of mind that you have made a difference to the environment. Besides, you can pocket some extra cash by sending your old favorite for recycling and scrapping.

If you are confused where to go for car recycling near Saugus MA, then JUNKAR NINJA can help. When you trust a reputable auto removal service like us, you can rest assured that you will get the best value and a competitive offer. Call us at (781)-905-8448 to find what how we can help.

Let us send you quote after receiving the details regarding your car make, model, condition, and year. If you agree, we will freely tow away the vehicle at the most convenient time and place.  Connect with us today for car recycling near Saugus MA.


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