Scrap My Car Near Revere MA: Benefits of Going Green

Your car is of no use now and you want to get rid of it to reduce your carbon footprint. Well, wondering how to go about it? When I wanted to scrap my car near Revere MA, I wanted to do this for a few reasons – to clear up the clutter, to keep the environment clean by scrapping the vehicle that causes noise and air pollution, and make some money from an unused vehicle. I am glad I made this decision. You, too, should think on these lines.

Now you might be wondering whether you can associate the word “environmentally friendly” with a junkyard.  The truth is that car scrap yards are the ideal place to safely scrap an unused vehicle. In fact, salvage yards, such as JUNKAR NINJA, live by “Reduce, reuse, recycle” slogan.

Benefits of Going Green

You might be surprised to learn that when a vehicle is no longer of any use, it is a drag on the environment. By cluttering your garage with an old car, you are committing a cardinal sin of burdening the environment. As a responsible citizen, you might want to take a step in the right direction, just like I did to scrap my car near Revere MA.

Recycling Puts Less Burden on the Environment

When you choose to scrap your vehicle, the recycling of parts will help reduce the amount of waste entering the environment. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of cars sitting in driveways or empty lots that are of no use and degrading. Such vehicles are major environmental pollutants. However, they’re a major source of metal and spare parts for new vehicles. When I realized this, I decided to scrap my car near Revere MA. You should also plan to junk your vehicle at a salvage yard, such as JUNKAR NINJA. These scrap yards can turn a junk vehicle from scrap to a source of recycled material. When a car is scrapped, its recycled parts can give life to many vehicles.

Reduction in Metal Production/Mining

Typically, scrap yards recycle vehicles that are unused, abandoned, and past their expiration date. Such salvage yards as JUNKAR NINJA either choose to fix them up for resale purpose or strip them for spare parts and scrap metal. By doing so, junkyards reduce the amount of metal that would be otherwise required for a new vehicle.

Therefore, salvage yards are one of the major sources of important metals, such as steel. When I realized that the more metal that is recycled, the less the need for mining for more metal, I chose to scrap my car near Revere MA.


Pollution Prevention

Did you know that your unused vehicle is a major source of pollution? Well, old, unused vehicles contain a long list of chemicals that harm the environment. Some of these harmful chemicals include power steering fluid, antifreeze, and battery acid. You might be surprised to learn that a junk vehicle may contain anywhere between 5 and 10 gallons of such dangerous pollutants. Unfortunately, these substances can severely impact the environment, from water to soil and wildlife, besides emitting harmful pollutants into the air. When I came across these statistics, these raised an alarm and I immediately made the decision to scrap my car near Revere MA.

Besides, car batteries contain lead and must be put to appropriate use if they are dear to prevent lead from impacting the environment. It is here that salvage yards, such as JUNKAR NINJA, can come in, because they deal with such substances on a regular basis and know how to properly handle them.

Show Your Responsibility Toward the Environment

Are you still wondering whether it is right to “scrap my car near Revere MA”? Well, the safety of the environment is the responsibility of all living creatures. You are no different. If you own an unused vehicle that is almost junk and of no use, it is best to put it to rest forever by scrapping the clunker.

What’s more, the scrapped parts can be recycled in junkyards, like JUNKAR NINJA, and put to reuse in vehicles that need them. Not only this, while your clunker sits in your yard, it is occupying valuable space that could be otherwise used by another vehicle. So what better way to free up some space in the garage and de-clutter it than to scrap the old vehicle for money? Yes, you can sell your old car to a scrap yard and make some money from waste.

The next time you start to ponder whether to scrap my car near Revere MA, remind yourself of your responsibility toward the environment. Statistics reveal that 70 million cars are manufactured every year, which means a lot of pressure is put on the ecology in terms of mining. Recycling offers an environmentally friendly alternative to reduce this burden on the ecology. Surely, recycling can help eliminate waste. When a vehicle is recycled, many of its elements can be transformed into something else.

Are you still wondering whether you should scrap my car near Revere MA? Connect with JUNKAR NINJA today at (781)-905-8448 to find how we are working toward reducing automotive waste by recycling parts. If you choose to scrap vehicle with us, you will get free pickup and instant cash for car.

Are you ready to do your bit for the cause of the environment?


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