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Looking for auto wrecking yards near Melrose MA? Select one that is good for your wallet as well as for the environment. Make sure the vehicle that served your family for so many years has become a part of your efforts in leaving greener footprint. JUNAKR NINJA provides you with the best, environmentally responsible option through our affiliated eco-friendly auto wrecking yards near Melrose MA. While you get the maximum price for your unusable clunker, we strive to reduce its end-of-life impact on the environment as much as possible.

Save Earth, Go Green With Our Auto Wrecking Yards Near Melrose MA

JUNAKR NINJA focuses on the objective of providing the best value for a junk vehicle while making sure that the scrapping and disposal do not pose a threat to the environment. We are careful to select and partner auto wrecking yards near Melrose MA that share our “be clean and be green” motto and “less waste, more life” initiative.

Your inoperable cars, motorcycles, vans, buses, or boats can be a threat to the environment if allowed to rot as a waste. These junk vehicles contain heavy metals, plastic, oil, and other elements that can pollute and cause irreparable damage to air, soil, and groundwater. Trained and educated on how to safely recycle vehicles, the workers at our auto wrecking yards near Melrose MA take every possible measure to prevent the contamination caused by the scrapping, salvage, and disposal of such vehicles.

As a responsible business, JUNKAR NINJA believes that the earth is meant as place to live on, not to ruin with litter. With a firm commitment to sustainable practices incredibly helpful to the environment, our associated auto wrecking yards near Melrose MA make every possible attempt to reduce, reuse, and recycle junk vehicles sitting on empty lots and driveways, degrading in the open, or lying unused in garages.

Reduce, Recycle Waste With Our Auto Wrecking Yards Near Melrose MA

JUNAKR NINJA provides expertise and assistance to all affiliated auto wrecking yards near Melrose MA to reduce and recycle auto waste in the most eco-friendliest manner. Going beyond the usual practice of stripping a junk car of scrap metal and parts, we try to reclaim and recycle it.

The following six-stage process forms the cornerstone of our environmentally friendly salvage and disposal and makes us different from any typical junkyard.

  • Reclaiming of functional parts: At JUNKAR NINJA auto wrecking yards near Melrose MA don’t put the junked vehicle under the car and scrap the metal. A thorough investigation is done to identify and extract functional and usable spare parts. These spare parts are collected and sold to car repairing shops. This helps offset the environmental effect of manufacturing new parts.


  • Recycling of reusable materials: A vehicle has many parts that can be recycled back instead of throwing them away. For example, tires, coolants, plastics, and batteries can be recycled for use in various industries. Our auto wrecking yards harvest such components and send them for recycling.
  • Extraction: Once the first two stages are completed, trained workers take out the task of scrapping and extraction. Iron, aluminum, and other metals are extracted from end-of-life vehicles in a manner that does not cause any type of air, water, or soil pollution.  Special attention is paid to separate and store chemical and oily substances. The salvaged metals extracted provide a much-needed respite for the environment, as their reuse saves tons of mineral ores and coals used to make the same amount of metals.
  • Safe disposal: JUNKAR NINJA fully recognizes the threat to soil and public health posed by wrecked or worn-out vehicle components. Our partner auto wrecking yards near Melrose MA are instructed to make sure that any plastic, fluid, or non-recycled parts do not end up in landfills. They take extra care to safely dispose them. Even any small parts containing mercury are considered hazardous and disposed with adequate concern.
Best for Earth, Best for Wallet, and Best for Car Owners

Apart from eco-friendly policies and focus on responsible scrapping, JUNKAR NINJA is also known for our guaranteed honest deals. We ensure that you get the best value for your junk car when you visit our auto wrecking yards near Melrose MA. Our evaluation includes three key considerations – value of reusable parts, recycling bonus, and worth of the scrap metal fixed according to the latest market price. This ensures that you receive the maximum price for selling your junk vehicle.

Apart from great value for your old car, you also stand to gain from professional services offered by affiliated auto wrecking yards near Melrose MA. Quick evaluation, expert support, swift towing services, and instant cash payment facilitate hassle-free dealing. If you need any help, our trained customer support executives are always ready to assist you.

Contact JUNKAR NINJA at 781-905-8448 if you want the best price for the environment-friendly scrapping of your car.

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