Facts You Didn’t Know About Car Recycling Near Marblehead MA

You have a beautiful residence, but that junk car is spoiling its beauty and congesting the spacious residence. You might not be aware that you can get rid of the junk by coming in touch with car recycling near Marblehead MA facilities, such as JUNKAR NINJA, and make some cash from scrap. Here are some facts about car junking that might interest you.

Surprising Car Recycling Near Marblehead MA Facts

You might be surprised to know that junk car recycling is the 16th largest industry in the country, contributing $25 billion annually to the GDP. This shows that car recycling is a big sector, employing 100,000 people. With a rising number of junk cars in the United States, more and more people are opting for recycling their junk vehicles for more reasons than one.

Your unused, damaged, or totaled vehicle is of no use to you. But it can give life to many other vehicles? How? Well, when you opt for car recycling near Marblehead MA, your vehicle will be scrapped for metal. The mining industry puts a lot of burden on environmental resources. But when you scrap your vehicle, it can be recycled. Moreover, its parts can be used in many other vehicles.

In the United States, there are over 7,000 auto recycling facilities to cater to the increasing number of junk cars. JUNKAR NINJA is one such car recycling near Marblehead MA facility where you can scrap your old car for cash.

It’s an Old Recycling Industry

Car recycling is not a new industry. It’s quite old. In fact, it started around 1943 and has been a flourishing business. This tells you that automotive recycling and scrapping business is here to stay. Old, damaged, unused or totaled vehicles that are no longer pliable on the road get a new lease of life through recycling. If you have an old vehicle that is unnecessarily occupying space in your yard, connect with a car recycling near Marblehead MA facility to scrap the vehicle.

Four-Wheelers Are the Most Recycled Item

Statistics reveal that millions of cars are recycled in the United States every year. More than 27 million cars reach end of life on an average annually and are recycled. This makes vehicles the most recycled item for metal and parts. Recycling ensures that there is less environmental burden for metal and steep processing, since recycled material can be put to good use.  So would you leave your unused vehicle to rot when it can be recycled to give life to multiple other vehicles? If the recycling interests you, look for a reliable facility for car recycling near Marblehead MA, such as JUNKAR NINJA.


Recycling Saves Oil

You might not be aware that recycling saves energy to the extent of 85 million barrels of oil. The car manufacturing process uses oil. However, when automotive parts and scrap are recycled, it reduces oil consumption greatly.

Car recycling helps ease the demand for oil, saving approximately 85 million barrels on an average per year that is otherwise used for making new automotive and replacement parts.

80% of a Car Can Be Recycled

Another interesting fact about car recycling is that 80% of it can be recycled. This means only 20% of it cannot be salvaged while 80% can be recycled and put to use. The remaining 20% comprises ferrous and nonferrous parts, fabric, glass, plastic, wood, and rubber and is categorized as “auto shredder residue.” It is disposed of in landfills.  These statistics indicate that the unused vehicle sitting in your yard should be put to use and not let to rust. It is an environmental hazard. So you should look for car recycling near Marblehead MA options to get your junk scrapped. This will serve many purposes. While you will get cash for car, you will also reduce your carbon footprint, thus lessening the environmental burden when the scrap is used in other vehicles.

So what are you waiting for?

Tell the world that you are an environmentally conscious individual who understands their responsibility to the ecology. Not only this, you can make some money for junk that is otherwise of no use to you.

Where To Go for Car Recycling Near Marblehead MA

So why let your old favorite die just like that when it can give a new life to several vehicles? If you seek a licensed facility for car recycling near Marblehead MA, JUNKAR NINJA should be your first choice. Make top dollar for junk with us. We will tow your vehicle for free from your location and make instant payment, depending on your car model, make, year, or damage.

Connect with JUNKAR NINJA with us at (781)-905-8448. We are easy to reach and available 24/7. You will never be disappointed with our quick, efficient service.


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