12 Must-Remove Items Before You Scrap Car Near Swampscott MA

Is it time to declare your vehicle junk? Perhaps, you plan to scrap car near Swampscott MA, since it is no longer safe to ply on the road. Of course, keeping it in your garage is not a good idea either. Why keep your space cluttered when you can turn your junk car into cash? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, your vehicle has served you well all these years, and now is the time to scrap car near Swampscott MA.

Do not ever make the mistake of letting the tow truck leave with your unused vehicle. You might be surprised to know that you can make more money from your clunker. Remember, there are many valuable vehicle parts that you must remove before scrapping your unwanted car. Anything reusable or worth re purposing carries a separate value, which many scrap companies may not tell you about.

If you are ready to scrap car near Swampscott MA, JUNKAR NINJA is just a click away.

11 Valuable Items To Remove Before You Scrap Car

1: Doors

When it is time to part with your vehicle, its doors are still valuable. Do not forget to remove car doors to maximize your profit before sending your vehicle to a junkyard. You might not be aware that individual parts of a car door, including sheet metal, mirror and window controls, and lock or unlock buttons, are worth selling separately. JUNKAR NINJA can help remove the parts safely.

2: Exhaust System

Before you scrap car near Swampscott MA, it is a good idea to remove the exhaust system. Its metal components add value to the scrap. An exhaust system in a good condition is always in demand. It can give you the best value for the scrap. Typically, with a catalytic converter, a replacement exhaust system gives $500 – $1,000.  An exhaust system is an invaluable part of a vehicle. Replacement of the exhaust system can be costly. Its metal contents make it a hot commodity in the automotive market, so they are always in demand. If your exhaust system is in good shape, you may consider selling it separately before you scrap car near Swampscott MA at JUNKAR NINJA.

3: Battery

The car battery is a valuable part that can make you more money if you sell it separately. You may either take the battery to a junkyard and recycle it for $20 or refurbish it with Epsom salt and distilled water. This way, you may extend the life of the battery by 5 years. You can do a lot with a functioning battery compared to a completely dead one. That means extra money for your junk car parts.

4: GPS

If your junk car has an integrated GPS System, the best way to make more money from your unused car is to sell that system separately. An intact GPS system can sell for a few hundred dollars. You may not make much from your portable GPS, but it is still a good idea to remove it from your junk vehicle before you scrap car near Swampscott MA at JUNKAR NINJA or any of our affiliated salvage yards.

5: Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is still a valuable part of a junk car. A fully functioning air conditioner is always in demand. Remove your cooling system along with its compressor safely to make a few extra bucks.

6: Air Bags

Did you know air bags in your junk car can fetch you some extra money? Airbag installation can be costly, so most car owners look for affordable options. This is an opportunity to remove your airbag system from your old vehicle and make a few extra bucks before you scrap car near Swampscott MA.


7: Tires, Rims, Wheels

Are you aware that the rims, wheels, and tires can fetch you a good amount? If you have ever got a used tire, you already know that it can be expensive. So why let the scrap yard to go away with your tires, rims, and wheels when you can make some money on these valuable parts, which could amount to a few hundred dollars extra? Street racers and car lovers are crazy for aluminum wheels and chrome and alloy rims, and if you have any of these in a good condition, it is an opportunity to turn them into cash.  Even your cruddy old wheels have a lot of value for a modification specialist. A JUNKAR NINJA expert will tell you the same too.

8: Windshield Wiper Arms

When you decide to scrap car near Swampscott MA, you might not consider your vehicle’s windshield wipers? Surprisingly, the most ignored of your car’s parts, windshield wiper arms can give you at least $65 per piece. This may not sound as big bucks, but money is money. When every single buck counts, why let the scrap company to walk away with valuable parts that can fetch you money?

9: Oil Filters

Engine oil in an unused vehicle dries out, but never wears out. So it is definitely a good idea to recycling oil filters and engine oil. You may not make a huge profit out of it, but it needs safe disposal in safe hands. An authorized recycling station is the right place to recycle your junk car’s engine oil and oil filters, which can be cleaned and refurbished for reuse.

10: Music System

Upgrading to a new audio system for your vehicle cost you a good amount of money. So why sell it with your junk car when it can be turned into cash? Do not forget to pull the music system out of your junk car before you scrap car near Swampscott MA at any of JUNKAR NINJA’s salvage yards.

11: Bumpers

If you think that the bumper’s job is over now that your car is no longer running on the road, you might risk losing a few hundred extra dollars. How? Well, bumpers are designed with expensive materials, such as aluminum, fiberglass, and steel, which do not wear out easily. That means you can make some money from your old vehicle’s bumpers.

Additionally, these days, many cars come complete with a system that connects bumpers with fenders, which raises the cost of replacement. Car owners seek out used fenders and bumpers. So why let the car scrap company to resell these parts separately without your knowledge when you can salvage them and sell them to private buyers?

Now that you have decided to scrap car near Swampscott MA, you will need adequate time and space to physically take the vehicle apart. Besides, finding a buyer for each part can be time-consuming. So what is the best way out when you there is more money to be made in selling these valuable items separately? Well, calling a junk car buying company, such as JUNKAR NINJA, can be your best bet. We provide a quick evaluation, speedy pickup, and free-towing while ensuring a quick payment for your vehicle.

Connect with JUNKAR NINJA at 781-905-8448 or any of our affiliated salvage yards today to scrap car near Swampscott MA.


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