How To Pick Auto Wrecking Yards Near Lexington MA

Searching for auto wrecking yards near Lexington MA that can give you the maximum value of your clunker? Selling an old, unusable car is a good idea to free up some space in your garage. Your car has lived its life, and it is not longer cost-effective to run on the road. Repair needs are serious and recurrent. The repair cost has become more than the value it commands at present. It is hard to resell the car. It is worth scrapping a worn-out car than blocking space in the garage.

However, before you start looking for friendly auto wrecking yards near Lexington MA, consider a few essential things. These play a role in ensuring hassle-free scrapping and assuring you a good deal.

Prefer Salvage Yards Over Scrap Yards

Go for auto wrecking yards near Lexington MA that can offer salvage price. A scrap yard can only offer you junk value – scrap metal price. But a salvage yard can give a higher amount, as it retrieves reusable parts before crushing the car. Spare parts, tires, alternators, wheels, rims, doors, air conditioning, GPS, air bags, fenders, etc. are some reusable parts that have good value in the retail market.

Many car owners driving cars similar to yours buy them to keep their vehicles running. Salvage yards are willing to share a portion of this profit with car owners. But scrap yards often do not extract these parts, and if they get hold of them, they never pay you separately for these parts.

However, JUNKAR NINJA auto wrecking yards near Lexington MA consider the salvage value as an integral part of our junk car price fixation mechanism and pay it to car owners.

Select An Eco-Friendly Auto Wrecking Yard

When junking your car, spare a few minutes for the earth. Make sure your car is not going to pose a threat to the environment. Toxic plastic parts, engine oil, and metal scrap can cause air, water, or soil pollution unless disposed of in a responsible manner. Therefore, go for auto wrecking yards near Lexington MA that follow green measures.

As a human being, you have an obligation to encourage eco-friendly measures for recycling and sustainable development so that future generations can live happily on the planet. JUNKAR NINJA believes in keeping the planet litter free. All affiliated salvage yards are partners in our “be clean and be green” campaign.


Choose Those With Clear Payment, Fee Policies

The first thing you ask auto wrecking yards near Lexington MA is about their payments and fees. Avoid any junk yard that offers payment after a few days or in installments. Go for only those that are ready for quick, preferably same day, payment. It is better to sign papers only when you are sure of getting money immediately after giving up the title.

The payment policy varies from one junkyard to another. While an initial quote is given based on the information provided, the final price is calculated after on-spot evaluation. Make sure you are aware of the payment policy of a junkyard or an online dealer before your accept the deal. Don’t accept the offer if the payment is likely to take weeks.

Don’t forget to ask about fees, including pickup charges. Auto wrecking yards near Lexington MA associated with JUNKAR NINJA offer transparent pricing, zero-cost pickup, and immediate cash payment.

Go for Only Licensed Auto Wrecking Yards

Never sell your car to auto wrecking yards near Lexington MA operating without a license. Such yards may not be following proper rules, and you may end up becoming a victim of “title wash” fraud. Do some research to ensure that the junkyard is legal and allowed to salvage and scrap cars within the legal framework.

You should also be mindful of the fact that you need to complete paperwork when giving your car for scrapping. This includes transferring the title to the yard. Many junkyards want you to handle the registration. Unless the ownership is transferred, you may be charged for keeping your car at their yard. So, make sure you complete all paperwork at the time of car sale.

All JUNKAR NINJA salvage yards hold the license for car scrapping. Our trained experts at auto wrecking yards near Lexington MA help car owners successfully complete title transfer and registration without any difficulty.

Call JUNKAR NINJA now at 781-905-8448 if you are looking for the best price and eco-friendly auto wrecking yards near Lexington MA.


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