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If your car is a piece of junk, you want to get rid of it, right? Of course, a rusting vehicle is serving no purpose; rather, taking up space that could be put to some other use. If you believe in a clean environment and love nature, you want to go a step further. So think about recycling the rusting metal. Sounds good, right? Connect with a reputable auto scrap yard near Revere MA and you will be happy you made the decision. Ask JUNKAR NINJA how you can recycle scrap and prevent it from becoming landfill waste.

Things To Do Before Scrapping A Vehicle

Check the weight of the car

You want to make sure that you are aware of the weight of your vehicle. Many scrap dealers offer a quote based on the weight of the automobile. The weight gives them an idea about the amount of steel or iron in the vehicle. You can expect more money if there is a lot of steel and iron in your clunker. So it would help to assess these things before. This also ensures that the junkyard cannot dupe you into believing that your vehicle is not worthy of a good price.

Look for an auto scrap yard near Revere MA with a certified weighing scale so you get the best deal. You don’t want to fall into the trap of dodgy dealers that tamper with their measurements to mislead you that your vehicle is lighter. In doing so, they can make good money from your automobile and pay you less than the actual value.

But JUNKAR NINJA believes in fair play. The highly reputable auto scrap yard near Revere MA has the answer to your most pressing questions about scrapping a vehicle.

Find a legitimate auto junkyard

Now how do you find what is a reliable scrap yard. First, you need to look for a licensed auto scrap company and nobody else. Then explore their reviews and customer testimonials to get an idea about them. Besides, you want to check the following so you’re not being scammed:

  • What is their reputation in terms of making payment to car sellers? Do they make payment delays? Do they pay instantly? If so, just ignore the auto scrap yard near Revere MA and look for another company that makes timely payments.
  • Do they ask for additional charges? No, you do not want to pay for towing, right? So look for a reliable business that offers to pick up the clunker for free.
  • Do they claim your vehicle has no value? Forget them and move on. There are many reputable companies that believe in fair trade and can come to your rescue. JUNKAR NINJA is one.
  • Do they make a too-good-to-be-true offer? You should look for a company that makes genuine offers and nothing like unbelievable quotes. So it would help to assess the value of your vehicle before you approach an auto scrap yard near Revere MA. This will help you determine what your car is worth and what should you be getting.

Auto scrap yard near Revere MA

Organize transportation

Do you plan to drop off the clunker at the junkyard? If so, you should plan transportation ahead. Remember, you won’t have your scrap car to drive back home. So take a friend along who can drop and pick you up from the scrap yard. Else, look for a company that offers to tow away the vehicle from any location without charging anything. JUNKAR NINJA will pick your clunker from your location at no extra cost.

Remove all of your belongings

Since your car was your second home all these years, it is bound to collect a lot of your stuff. Check the seat covers or the dashboard for any lost item. You may also look under the seats for anything that was lost and never found. It might be hiding somewhere under the seats. Before you bid your vehicle a good-bye for the final time, remove your memories from the vehicle.

Remove Any Electrical Items

Are there any electric gadgets fitted in the car still? Remove these before you scrap your vehicle. You might be surprised to learn that these items can sell them for a good price. Some of the electrical items include stereo, GPS software, and smart technology.

Unless you remove these items, the auto scrap yard near Revere MA might shred them.

Get the Certificate of Destruction

When you had out your clunker to the junkyard, they are required by law to issue a Certificate of Destruction. It is legally important and you do not want to forget taking your car’s destruction certificate. This is a confirmation that you have nothing to do with the vehicle hereafter.

So what are you still thinking? If you are wondering whether you can get top dollar for scrap automobile, connect with JUNKAR NINJA at (781)-905-8448.

Let us make a quick assessment and make an offer. Once it is acceptable, we are happy to reach the site and pay you cash for junk. With us, there is a guarantee of fair trade and honest dealings – no hidden fees, no extra charges. What more do you want from the leading auto scrap yard near Revere MA?

Auto scrap yard near Revere MA

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