Auto Scrap Yards Near Marblehead MA

You want to get rid of automotive scrap sitting in your backyard, right? Are you interested in learning more about auto scrap yards near Marblehead MA? Perhaps you want to understand how things work in a junkyard before making a decision to junk your old favorite. JUNKAR NINJA has come up with a list of facts about auto scrap yards near Marblehead MA.

Facts About Junkyards

First things first, why should you scrap a car? Well, if you own an old, wrecked, or damaged vehicle, you would better get rid of it than let it sit abandoned in the yard. When an old or wrecked car sits abandoned, it is more than a nuisance for owners and neighbors and a health hazard for everyone around. Especially neighborhood kids find such abandoned places as a perfect playground. They might end up hurting or injuring themselves. If they do, you should be prepared to pay the damages if their parents choose to take legal action. What’s more, an abandoned car is an attraction for thieves as well as a safe haven for rodents. It is not the best asset to own now that it no longer functions. So it is in your best interests to find the best auto scrap yards near Marblehead MA and get rid of the clunker. JUNKAR NINJA can connect you with licensed junkyards in the area. 

Scrap yards buy all metal junk

Junkyards are a reliable funnel to supply your auto junk. Scrap yards buy, sort, and sell scrap metal. you will find tons of stacked up discarded cars in junkyards because it is cheaper for steel companies to create new metals from metal junk than to mine and extract from ores. So selling your junker to a scrap yard is one of the best ways to reduce automotive clutter from your space and contribute to recycling.

It’s a scrap stock market

What influences the prices of scrap metal is the fluctuation in metal rates in the stock market. That is the reason scrap metal prices fluctuate every day.  So that means scrap yards buy low and are smart enough to sell when rates are high. Now when it comes to selling junk, you want to be aware of the stock market price of metal so you are not duped into a worthless deal. You want the best price or clunker and you can get it with the best auto scrap yards near Marblehead MA that are honest and fair in their business dealing. 

Approach a registered junkyard that is willing to buy car scrap according to the market rate. 

You’re not the customer

When you plan to sell automotive scrap, you are not the customer for the junkyard. Rather, you are supplying them junk, so they see you as a supplier and may not treat you like a merchandise seller. Refineries are customers for junkyards. Your purpose is to sell scrap for good value. That’s it. So do your search well before finalizing the deal with a junkyard. JUNKAR NINJA might come to your rescue to find the best junkyard in the area.

Auto Scrap Yards near Marblehead MA

Scrap yards sell salvaged items for reuse

A junkyard may pay you for the scrap car as a whole but they may sell the salvaged parts separately for profit. You cannot expect them to pay it back to you. Although you may choose to sell car components privately if you want to make some good income from scrap. But selling car parts separately is not easy and you may find it tough to find private buyers. What’s more, you may need to wait for months or years to get rid of all of the junk. Does that sound interesting? If not, you should look for the best auto scrap yards near Marblehead MA that are willing to buy the clunker and give you top dollar.

The scrapping process

JUNKAR NINJA explains that vehicles are crushed and then the remnants are put under a magnet. What attracts to the magnet is ferrous metal! But non-ferrous metal does not stick to the magnet and is highly valuable, including steel, copper, gold, and aluminum. 


Most scrap yards bundle everything and offer a flat rate so they pay you lesser than what the automotive junk is worth. When you are looking to make the best of junk, be a little proactive and sort the scrap. You want to categorize all scraps into different metal categories. This might help you get the maximum value. But it involves time.  

Before you approach any of the auto scrap yards near Marblehead MA, you want to determine the market price of metal scrap. This is in your best interest to be aware of the metal value so you get the best deal.

JUNKAR NINJA is one of the leading car scrap businesses in Massachusetts. So connect with us today at (781)-905-8448 and we will direct you to the best junkyards.

Auto Scrap Yards near Marblehead MA


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