Auto Wrecking Yards Near Arlington MA: How To Negotiate Your Car Value

Are you considering scrapping your old car? Your vehicle is not in the best condition to be driven on the road. So the best idea is to part with it and take it to the best auto wrecking yards near Arlington MA to find the best value for your unused asset. But when it comes to dealing with a junkyard, you may not be aware of what your vehicle is actually worth of. Contrarily, the scrap yard knows that your car is valuable and they are also aware that you do not have clues about its actual worth. They may quote a lower price than its worth while earning a good profit themselves. So what is the way out so that you do not become a victim of the reverse lemon approach? Well, it is always a good idea to increase knowledge and consult reputable auto wrecking yards near Arlington MA, such as JUNKAR NINJA, to get the best deal.

Determining Your Vehicle’s Worth

Now that you wish to scrap your vehicle, you may want to learn a bit about the process of determining the unused car’s worth. In doing so, you might realize that your vehicle’s worth is much more than you were told by the scrap yard. When you are junking your vehicle, it would help to know how auto wrecking yards near Arlington MA come up with an offer.  There is nothing worse than walking into a salvage yard with little knowledge and falling into the trap of too-good-to-be-true offers.

There are primarily two ways to decide an old vehicle’s worth – the weight of the vehicle and price of its parts.

Do the Research

To avoid being a victim of a scrap yard’s reverse lemon approach, JUNKAR NINJA suggests thoroughly researching about the make, model, and year of your car online to determine it’s real worth.

Most vehicles come with a lot of steel on the motor, frame, and body, which can be recycled. You can research online to find how much steel your vehicle has, depending on its make and model. It is also a good idea to determine the value of scrap steel before you approach any of the popular auto wrecking yards near Arlington MA.

When you know the scrap steel value, you can negotiate confidently and get the best deal, without having to accept the junkyard’s low-ball offer.


Once you are aware of your vehicle’s worth, try looking for some potential buyers for your clunker. You may also want to know whether they are interested in owning the vehicle or wish to purchase individual parts.

This will also ensure that you have more than one quote for your car, which will prevent you from engaging in a distress sale. It’s a good sign to show the auto wrecking yards near Arlington MA that you are not desperate for the cash because you know it’s not the only option available.

Do Your Homework on Recyclable Parts

Some vehicle owners hold the wrong notion that their old car, truck, or van is totally worthless, since it is not worthy of being taken to the road. However, the reality is different, and many auto wrecking yards near Arlington MA will not tell you that there are some valuable recyclable parts in your vehicle that could be sold separately. Selling these parts to buyers that need them can add value to your junk car.

Some of the common parts that you might be interested to sell separately include catalytic converters, body panels, doors, tires, rims, airbag parts, windshield wipers, radiators, cooling system, music system, and battery.

When you approach a reputable salvage yard, such as JUNKAR NINJA, give a list of these valuable parts, so you can get the best price.

Ask for a Cash Quote – Beware of Hidden Charges

Ask the auto wrecking yards near Arlington MA for a cash quote. Make it aptly clear that you do not want to be left in quandary at the last minute when the junkyard varies the quote subtracting the cost of pickup.  Some scrap yards have a tendency to subtract pickup cost at the last moment and offer less money than originally promised. So always be sure to inquire about any such hidden charges when you obtain offers from companies.

JUNKAR NINJA is different. We will schedule a free and quick pickup as soon as you have accepted our offer.  On top of it, you get paid instantly and save the hassle of having to visit our yard to drop your clunker. So you are in a win-win situation when you connect with JUNKAR NINJA’s affiliated auto wrecking yards near Arlington MA.  Call today on 781-905-8448.


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