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Scrap cars are old vehicles that have aged out of their usefulness, been in an accident, or have a major technical problem that results in their immobility and them being abandoned. If you possess one of such vehicles, willing to dispose of it and live in Melrose MA, then you would be happy to know about JUNKAR NINJA. We buy scrap cars near Melrose MA. Not just that, we also offer you a means to earn cool cash while also doing away with your old cars.

Millions of vehicles stop working and consequently break down every year. Likewise, more vehicles are replacing these old vehicles. It has become crucial to adopt auto scrapping and recycling practices as an eco-friendly means to discard these vehicles.

Most times, car owners are stuck between leaving it in their homes or disposing of their vehicles at the landfills. Vehicles of that age and condition do not have high-paying buyers. At this point, they are usually interested in just getting rid of their vehicles with little regard for the scrap value. If you fall in this category, put a pause in your plans and hear us out. Your old rusty clunker can still provide value for you. You can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We buy scrap cars near Melrose MA for the best prices.


JUNKAR NINJA is a highly rated auto scrap service for your clunkers. We recognize that old cars become a burden at the end of their useful lives. What we do is to provide you with a way to safely dispose of your old vehicles and earn money in the process.

Consider it a win-win situation; we buy scrap cars near Melrose MA that you do not need anymore and you get paid accordingly. On the other hand, we need your junk vehicles and would gladly pay you to take them off your hands.

We are one of the best places that buy scrap cars near Melrose MA. Our prices are second to none! prices

What Services Do We Offer?

Put simply, we make it easy to access expert scrap car removal, high-quality recycling, and scrapping. Junk car owners can contact us to access auto salvage services. We accept all kinds of scrap vehicles including trucks, cars, sports utility vehicles, minivans, and vans. So rather than paying someone else to part with it, we will remove the vehicle from your premises for free while paying you!

JUNKAR NINJA is well-positioned to offer our services across Massachusetts irrespective of your location.

Buy Scrap cars near Melrose MA

How Does the Process Work?

You can reach us by telephone number on (781)-905-8448. You would be attended to by our customer-friendly sales representative who will ask you a bit of general information about your jalopy, including:

  • Make
  • Year
  • Model
  • Problems and damages
  • General condition
  • Information on any missing components.

Based on the information you give us; we would offer you a decent price you will get for the vehicle. After consenting to our offer, terms, and agreement, we go ahead with the sale by organizing vehicle pick up and scheduling. Then you would be contacted for the pick-up on a day of your choice. There is no waiting process for payment, this is one remarkable thing about Junkar Ninja. The overall process is more or less a breeze on the part of clients.

Curious about what happens to your jalopy after the transaction? We break it down for parts, convert metals to scrap, and recycle, resell and reuse useful parts such as the wheels, glass, tires, and car seats.

Why You Should Use JUNKAR NINJA?

Junkar Ninja is committed to providing the best auto scraping services to customers in Melrose and beyond. Our wide network of scrapyards ensures we can buy scrap cars near Melrose MA and other areas without hassle. We place priority and great importance on customer experience. Also, we have the best response time to calls and demands of clients at the same time giving them the best offers.

In addition, our employees are trained, equipped with technical know-how to handle every business complexity. We put adequate care to ensure our clients receive the best customer care experience. Our reviews say it all, read through our customer feedbacks, from there you would see we have achieved great reputation and success in this field. Those asides, we offer the best prices in the whole of Melrose.

Looking for who buy scrap cars near Melrose MA? Contact us to get started.

Buy Scrap cars near Melrose MA


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