Car Scrap Near Marblehead MA

Recycling scrap metal is an eco-friendly way to get rid of an old car for some quick cash. If you own one, you may be interested to scrap it. But now you might be looking for automotive businesses that deal in car scrap near Marblehead MA. Look for a company that buys scrap cars and recycles used vehicles. JUNKAR NINJA is one.

How To Go About Scrapping Car 

When you wish to get rid of a used car, you should start looking for a licensed scrap yard for the purpose. But if your goal is to make the most out of your old car, here are a few steps to follow.

Drain Fluids

You cannot and should not scrap a vehicle that still has oil. Besides, it is crucial to drain all types of fluid, including transmission fluid, brake fluid, wiper fluid, and radiator fluid. This is the first step to prepare your vehicle for its final journey. Dispose of any vehicle fluids in compliance with Massachusetts law before you send car scrap near Marblehead MA to a junkyard.

Radiator and Battery

Other important components that must be carefully extracted include radiators and batteries. In addition to extraction, these parts must be disposed of separately.

Trunk/Hood covers

Many scrap businesses are happy to buy an old trunk and hood covers so it is a good idea to remove them from the car.

Copper Wires

Your car has a network of cables and removing them is a time-consuming process. However, it is worth the effort. You might be surprised to learn that copper wires can be sold separately to a scrap dealer for a good price. You can locate them in the dashboard and head and tail lights.

Cleanout the Interior

Most scrap yards are not interested in carpets, seats, and dashboard since there is no metal used in them. So it is a good idea to remove these parts and sell them separately.

Car scrap near Marblehead MA

Remove Parts

You can make good money from car scrap near Marblehead MA if you dismantle it to base components. Connect with the scrapyard to find if they buy specific parts for recycling before you waste your time on breaking it down. Some junkyards, such as JUNKAR NINJA-affiliated car junkers, recycle air filters, spark plugs, carburetors, and distributor caps. 

Remove the Engine

It may be tough to remove an engine on your own, especially if have no experience of doing so. Moreover, it requires special tools and experience. An engine hoist may be put to use to lift the engine after all bolts connecting the engine to the transmission.

When you decide to sell car scrap near Marblehead MA, you can save the junkyard a lot of time involved in the extraction of car parts. Moreover, you can sell multiple pieces separately instead of selling the vehicle alone.

 But if you cannot handle the car part extraction process, do not attempt it at all. You may damage a valuable part, which may lower the cost of the vehicle. You do not want this, right?

Simple Scrapping Process

JUNKAR NINJA should be your car junker of choice if you are trying to sell car scrap near Marblehead MA. We have all the tools and experience to make scrapping simple and the whole process of selling hassle-free for you. 

The JUNKAR NINJA Advantage

Connect with us at (781)-905-8448 and give us a brief about the car you wish to scrap. We are interested to learn whether the car title is available or lost. You will need to tell us about any significant damages, besides the make and model of the car. We will make an assessment and give you a quote.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to earn top dollar for your tired, wrecked, damaged, or unwanted vehicle, you may choose JUNKAR NINJA for a hassle-free experience. We pride ourselves on being the leading automotive recycler in Massachusetts that believes in recycling automobiles to save the environment and safely dispose of environmentally harmful automotive waste. 

If you wish to reduce your carbon footprint when you decide to sell car scrap near Marblehead MA, give us a call. We believe in making the planet a better place to live while taking away the hassle from the car sale and scrap process.

What gives you an edge over other car junkers is our honest, transparent business practices, commitment to client service, and eco-friendly automobile scrapping policies. What’s more, the removal of the clunker from your location is free of cost. Do you get this advantage elsewhere?

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Car scrap near Marblehead MA

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