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A rusting piece of metal looks unsightly, attracts pests, and is a blot on the property. Besides, neighbors hate it more than you and want you to get rid of it at the earliest. So how to go about getting rid of the vehicle? Well, you need to connect with a reliable car scrap yard near Beverly MA. A reputable junk yard is one that has experience in the sale and purchase of automotive scrap. JUNKAR NINJA is one of the top junk companies near Beverly MA that can take away the clunker and pay you top dollar.

Why Scrap Car

You love your vehicle and find it harder to get rid of it. But since it has reached the end of its life cycle, it is no longer roadworthy. Repairs could be extremely costly and your family does not want to spend too much on an old car. They want you to buy a new SUV instead. You might want to sell it but there are hardly any people that are interested in buying a clunker.

So what option do you have other than scrapping it? Perhaps look for the best car scrap yard near Beverly MA.

You may either sell the car as a whole to a junk yard or sell it as parts.

If you decide to sell the whole car, you may not get a lot from the clunker because most scrap yards won’t pay you separately for the valuable parts. They will give you money for the scrap alone.

But one profitable way to make the most of your old favorite is to strip and scrap it yourself. Now you should be aware about

  • what parts sell in the market
  • what can be recycled
  • what will go to the scrap yard

Besides, you need some experience in removing or extracting the parts carefully. Remember, there are some technicalities involved. After all, automotive engineers’ minds work behind the manufacturing of a car as a unit. Doing this, you could end up hurting yourself or damaging the car. What’s more, there are some hazardous chemicals involved in an automobile. So you have got to be extra careful.

Now what is your best option? You could seek help of the technical teams or mechanics. Else, look for a car scrap yard near Beverly MA that pays you top value for the car. JUNKAR NINJA surely is one.

Car Scrap Yard Near Beverly MA

What parts sell separately


A car battery can be easily unplugged. Remove the vehicle’s power source. It is even easier to sell separately. A private buyer might be interested in your old battery to replace their nonworking car battery. The best thing about a car batter is that even a dead one can be sold as it can be recycled.

Drain the fuel for use in another vehicle.

  • Tires
  • Stereo system
  • Seats
  • Steering wheel
  • Seat covers
  • Car door
  • Gearstick
  • Windshield wipers

Measure and weigh each items before listing them online for sale. You need to consider shipping as well.

How To Find the Best Car Scrap Yard Near Beverly MA

When the idea is to scrap junk cars that hold no value, connect with licensed junk yards that have earned a name in the business. Your goal should be to look for a scrap yard that believes in recycling scrap instead of throwing it in landfills. That means you should be looking for an environmentally responsible yard that is licensed and registered to do the job. JUNKAR NINJA is a licensed automobile scrap company that believes in reduce, reuse, and recycle car waste.

So if you want your automotive waste to give life to other vehicles instead of sitting in landfills, connect with the best car scrap yard near Beverly MA that has a recycling policy.

If you are looking for a company that recycles automotive waste, without cluttering landfills, connect with JUNKAR NINJA.

So why wait any longer for critters to ruin your vehicle further. Worst still, its value is constantly falling.

Would you still wait for your clunker to attract rust? Choose to go the safer way by selecting a reliable car scrap yard near Beverly MA. You won’t repent having made the decision to scrap it.

Let the team at JUNKAR NINJA assess the vehicle and revert with an estimate.

We try to offer top dollar to car owners to encourage sale of automotive waste, which is not good for the environment. We are committed to the environment and take every step toward recycling. As a responsible car scrap yard near Beverly MA, we believe recycling is the way to save the planet. It’s our collective responsibility to do so.

JUNKAR NINJA is a name to be reckoned with in the automobile scrap industry that believes in fair business practices. Are you still looking for any other scrap yard when we offer to tow away the clunker at zero cost to you?

Reach out to us at 781)-905-8448.

Car Scrap Yard Near Beverly MA

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