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Are you looking for reasons to scrap your car? Do you want to get rid of car scrappage near Salem MA? Scrapping is a way to flush out old, damaged, polluting, or wrecked vehicles from the road?  Now that you have made up your mind to scrap vehicles, you might be interested to determine how much you will get for the clunker. If you need help to evaluate the value of your vehicle, connect with JUNKAR NINJA.

Important Factors To Determine Value of Car Scrappage Near Salem MA


All junkyards are interested to know about the year/make and model of a vehicle before they accept to junk it. These are important factors to determine the price of a scrap vehicle. These help determine the current market value of the clunker and its parts. If a vehicle has a lot of problems or damages, the value might come down.

How does the year/make/model affect the car value?

A vehicle that still runs on the road but is rare or the demand for its parts is still high, will be valued highly.

The year/make/model factors are crucial because vehicle components keep changing from year to year. That means vehicles from yesteryears or older vehicles may be valued higher than existing ones. The reason is that most vehicles nowadays use environmentally friendly plastics. This brings down their value but takes the value of an old vehicle with a lot of steel and aluminum high.

  1. Current Price of Scrap Metal

When it comes to evaluating car scrappage near Salem MA, JUNKAR NINJA explains that the current price of metal holds importance. In fact, this factor plays a big role in determining the rate of a junk car. What’s c more, even vehicles that aren’t worth salvaging are worthy of being scrapped. Consider this – an average vehicle has a lot of steel and aluminum, which are extracted, repurposed, and recycled for resale.

So what does this mean?

This means that the price of scrap metal does not remain the same always. In fact, it varies from year to year. Another factor that affects the value of steel and aluminum or a scrap vehicle is the supply and demand of the metal.

when metal supply is high with low demand, price is expected to below.

Car Scrappage near Salem MA

  1. Condition of Vehicle

When it comes to determining the value of car scrappage near Salem MA, the condition of the vehicle is important. Is it damaged beyond repair? Can it be restored to a working condition? How easily it can be stripped and resold for spare parts? Or will they turn it into scrap metal and sell that?

For a scrap car with only a few issues, you can expect more cash, especially if the market value of the model is high currently.

Besides, if the junk car is rusted beyond repair, its value will depend more on its parts that can be salvaged. JUNKAR NINJA will accept a rusted vehicle too and pay you good value for scrap.

  1. Demand

If your car cannot be refurbished, but its parts are still valuable, the market value will depend on the demand for those parts. This includes tires, air conditioners, batteries, windpipes, and radios, among others. The also means the higher the demand, the greater the value.

If it is a common vehicle that every other person owns, its demand will be high. However, if the junker is a rare car and its parts are not easily available, demand is expected to be high.

Besides, certain parts have more value than others. A vehicle with working parts, such as suspension, tires, and lights, is likely to give you a higher value of car scrappage near Salem MA.

However, you cannot expect a higher value if your vehicle is missing parts that are in high demand and have a higher resale value. JUNKAR NINJA believes in ensuring the highest customer satisfaction and pays the best value for a car scrappage near Salem MA.

  1. Location

Some junkyards factor in the location of the junk car for evaluation purposes.  The reason is that the price of scrap metal is not the same in all regions. Another factor that determines the value of car scrappage near Salem MA or elsewhere is the popularity of a vehicle in the area. If it is a highly popular vehicle in the region, the market rate is expected to be higher.

Besides, some scrap yards also consider the distance of the vehicle’s location and their junking facility. The reason is they might have to spend extra on vehicle pickup so they do not want to pay you more. However, JUNKAR NINJA expects nothing from towing away from the vehicle.

Car Scrappage Near Salem MA Process

It all begins with describing the vehicle to the junkyard. This includes sharing all required details, that is, make, model, year, and damage, among others. Is it a title-less car? The junking company is interested to know this as well.

Once you share the details, the scrap yard gives a no-hassle offer. You may accept or reject it. If you do decide to accept JUNKAR NINJA’s offer for car scrappage near Salem MA, then the next step is to decide a day for the pickup team to arrive at your location.

Submit all the necessary paperwork once we have inspected the vehicle and verified its condition. Now you are ready to get paid right away. We make instant cash payments so you never have to wait for money for the scrap vehicle.

Call us at (781)-905-8448 for car scrappage near Salem MA.

Car Scrappage near Salem MA

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