Get cash for cars without title near Everett MA

A missing title is not the end of the road! There’s no need to panic. If you own a car, you most probably have seen a title before. However, many people do not know what a title is or understand the nuances of how titles function and this complicates things for them. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you’re never going to be one of those people because Junkar Ninja is here to solve any of your automobile issues and provide insight on how to get cash for cars without title near Everett MA

Trying to sell off an old used car could be hard enough already for newbies, but a missing title could even further compound the situation. As a result, it is a lot harder to get cash for cars without titles near Everett MA. This eventually takes a toll on car owners looking to sell off their vehicles because every legitimate junk car buyer wants to do it legally. 

Put yourself in you’re buyer’s shoes and imagine the disaster that could emerge from buying a stolen car or taking home inherited trouble from the previous owner of a car. Yeah! That’s right. Now you know why it’s so important to have a title and why it’s been difficult, but do you know what a title is and what it does for you? Keep reading to find out all you need to do to sell your cash for cars without title near Everett MA with us

What is a car title?

A vehicle title is a pink slip issued to car owners when they purchase a new car. It usually contains information on the owner and the car, such as the owner’s name and address, vehicle registration number, mileage, etc. The period of issue differs according to location but in Massachusetts, you’re required to get a title at the Department of Motor Vehicles in less than 10 days after the purchase of your car. So you must have gotten a title at some point, actually at the early stages of getting a new car. When it’s a used car, you should have ownership transferred to you from the previous owner to avoid any issues. 

Why is it so important?

The most important thing your vehicle title does for you is that it proves your ownership of the vehicle. According to the laws of the state, word of your mouth is not enough to declare ownership of your vehicle. That is what your title does; it proves your ownership claims as to the legal owner of the vehicle. 

Your car title also shows technical details about the vehicle such as the model, specifications, brand, and physical condition. Car buyers use this information to inspect the vehicle they intend to buy. 

We can see why the title is important and how it may be difficult to get cash for cars without title near Everett MA. Junkar Ninja can still help you trade your vehicles, even without the title.

Cash for cars without title near Everett MA

How can I recover my title? 

There are several ways to get a vehicle title after it’s been misplaced but these options may not be as hassle free as selling your cash for cars without title near Everett MA to Junkar Ninja. The first step to take when you think your title is missing is to run another thorough check to be certain it’s not lying around somewhere. Also ask every member of your household, your friends and relatives if they’ve seen it. If you could find your title it saves you the stress of having to recover a new one but if this still proves abortive, here are a few more options you could try;

  • Ask your bank account manager for help. If you took a loan to purchase your car from your bank, then they must have a copy of its title. 
  • Visit the DMV to process a duplicate title. This could sometimes be an arduous process because you may need to provide some other documents, make payments and back & forth trips to their office. 

Can I sell my car without a title? 

Oh yes! Absolutely! You can sell your cash for cars without title near Everett MA to us at Junkar Ninja in the easiest and most seamless way ever. All you have to do is provide an alternate proof of identity & ownership such as the vehicle registration, your driver’s license or license plate registration of your car and we will offer you instant cash for your vehicle. 

Call Junkar Ninja today to take that old car off your hands as easy as ABC!

Cash for cars without title near Everett MA


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