How to Get Rid of Junk Car Without Title Near Revere MA

In most cases you need a car title to get rid of. If you own a clunker that seems to be eating rust for a long time, you must sell the scrap. It’s of no use to keep a junk vehicle on your premises as the value of the vehicle will continue to lower as long as it sits abandoned. What’s more, it becomes an eyesore for neighbors too. Not only this, it may become a major source of pollution too in the community. But how do you get rid of car without title near Revere MA ? Well, luckily, JUNKAR NINJA can help.

Junk Car With No Title

More often than not, you may be required to submit the title in order to scrap or sell it. In that case, you might struggle to find buyers for the clunker. Or you could apply for a duplicate title. Now you might be wondering how to request a duplicate in order to get rid of car without title near Revere MA?

If the title is lost, you may need to contact the local motor vehicles commission to apply for a duplicate. The MVC is the responsible authority for titles. They have all auto titles on file, so when you file a request for a duplicate title, they may get you a copy of the same in return for a small fee.

Or you may get rid of car without title near Revere MA.

Now you might be interested to find how?

JUNKAR NINJA is one such one-stop shop to sell your car without title.

So when you decide to junk your car with no title, you need to show proof of ownership. Are you the original owner of the vehicle?

Other options to get rid of junk car without title near Revere MA

Replacement Certificate Title

Do you plan to sell junk car out of state? In that case, you may need to secure a replacement certificate title in order to assign ownership to the new buyer.

Affidavit in Lieu of a Title

However, sometimes, the copy may be missing with the DMV. In that case, an affidavit can be applied in lieu of a title. The legal document proves your ownership of the vehicle. However, in that regard, you must prove to the DMV that you are the actual owner and submit documents. You may use a copy of auto loan, sale bill of the vehicle, or car insurance documents as proof of ownership. Once you have the affidavit, you can get rid of junk car without title near Revere MA.

Your Car Registration

Another proof of ownership is the valid registration of the vehicle. Junk car buyers, such as JUNKAR NINJA, are happy to work with vehicle owners without a title. Your car registration is a proof of vehicle ownership.

Get Rid of junk car without title Near Revere MA

Bank or Loan Company

In some cases, the title is with the bank or loan company. This may be your case because you had secured a loan on the car and have not returned it fully. In that case, the title is with the loan company. They may not release the title until you pay off the balance in full.

If you don’t want to get rid of junk car without title near Revere MA, you may obtain the vehicle title from the bank or loan company. But before that, you may need to repay the remaining loan amount.

Or if you do not have the money to repay the loan instantly, you may opt to get rid of junk car without title near Revere MA with JUNKAR NINJA.

When You Can’t Junk Your Title-Less Car

  • The vehicle is not in your name. the car title is legally in the name of someone else.
  • If the vehicle was never documented, registered, insured, or licensed.
  • If you owe more on your loan than you can earn from the junk. In that case, you cannot junk the vehicle as the ownership cannot be transferred to a new person.

In such cases, when you cannot junk your car but wish to get rid of junk car without title near Revere MA, JUNKAR NINJA can help. When most junkyards may reject dealing with you citing a title-less car, we can offer you a helping hand. We can still offer you the highest possible cash offer.

If you have no title, it is still no problem with us. You may still sell us the clunker and get instant cash in return if you can give us proof of the ownership.

With JUNKAR NINJA, you can get top dollar for any vehicle, including car, SUV, or semi-truck. Connect with us today at (781)-905-8448 and inform us about the missing title. One of our professional vehicle valuation specialists will come to assist you with an effortless transaction.

When you accept our offer, we can tow your clunker at the time and on the day decided by you. You are rest assured to get the payment in hand without any deductions for towing. We will take the junk off your hands at no cost to you, making it easier for you to get rid of junk car without title near Revere MA.

Get Rid of junk car without title Near Revere MA

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