Get Rid of Old Car near Lexington MA

So your car is dead and it is taking up some that could be put to some other use. You might be interested to buy a new vehicle but space constraint is keeping you from purchasing your dream model. Now you badly want to get rid of old car near Lexington MA, right? You are also wondering how to get the most money for your clunker. Connect with JUNKER NINJA and we will give you many reasons. 

Should I Sell the Car as One piece or parts?

Did anybody tell you that you can make more money by selling the car parts? Well, that is a good idea if you can separate all reusable parts on your own and sell them privately. But if you cannot, you may need to hire a professional for the task. Some car parts sell for a good price and can give you maximum value. 

On the other hand, some auto scrap companies accept the car as one unit.  The car goes under the crane once it reaches its junkyard and everything is turned to rubble. Then the metal is extracted from the rubble. So you cannot sell the parts.

When you want to get rid of old cars near Lexington MA, you want to make sure you are well-versed with local junk car laws. That ensures you will gather the right paperwork for the sale of a junk vehicle and have them handy when the car removal team reaches your location. This will save both of you time. Usually, an old car may fetch you $250-$500, depending on its condition, make, model, and year. The value of a vehicle takes into consideration the metal value. The price may change depending on the change in scrap metal prices. 

JUNKAR NINJA believes in customer service and pays top dollar for junk cars. Even if you have lost the car title, we can still buy it. The price assessment of your junk car depends on the vehicle’s weight and major damages.

How To Determine Junk Car Price

It would help to understand the price evaluation process before you go out in search of a junkyard to get rid of old car near Lexington MA

The bigger the vehicle, the more the value. That means you can expect to be offered a good price for your junk car. A complete vehicle is one that has its engine, wheels, doors, catalytic converters, and transmission intact. Any missing parts might reduce the value of the vehicle. But sometimes these parts sell out more outside. If you know someone who is interested in buying old parts for a price higher than you are getting at the junkyard, you may choose to sell them parts instead to get rid of old car near Lexington MA.

For cars with major damages that do not move and are not roadworthy, JUNKAR NINJA will send its car removal service tow trucks to tow away the vehicle. This does not come for a price. Our tow away or pick up service is free. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. That means some car removal companies ask for a price for removing the clunker from your location. More often than not, this fact is hidden from the car owner until they are ready to sell the scrap car.

Get rid of old car near Lexington MA



When you are keen to get rid of old car near Lexington MA, you must do your research well to find a car scrap business that believes in transparency and honesty. You can read reviews and customer testimonials about the company and whether they come up with hidden surprises later.

Who would want to be caught in the trap of such unfair businesses that follow unscrupulous business practices?

So now that you are ready to get rid of old car near Lexington MA, call JUNKAR NINJA immediately. We can be easily reached at (781)-905-8448. Tell us a little about the vehicle model and make. We will also be interested to learn if the vehicle is totaled or salvaged. It is important to inform us whether it is a title-less car. All these factors can play a role in making or breaking a deal. 

 With us, you can save yourself from junk car scams, which are otherwise most likely to face when you want to get rid of old car near Lexington MA.

So what are you still thinking? When you want the clunker gone quickly and expect top dollar for your junk, call JUNKAR NINJA today. We promise it will be a smooth, convenient, and hassle-free process that gives you a profitable return.

Get rid of old car near Lexington MA

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