How to scrap a car near Melrose MA- the Dos and Don’ts

Have you been wondering about how to scrap a car near Melrose MA? Then you should read on to gain the necessary insight to help you make a fair amount on your old vehicles. You could also scrap your old cars at Junkar Ninja auto scrap yard near Melrose MA.

Dumping your old vehicles has become a thing of the past. It used to be widely practiced as an easy way to get rid of your old cars. However, landfills cannot cope with the increasing number of scrap vehicles every year. As a result, recycling and scrapping became a preferred option to get rid of old cars. And also to provide practical value from them.

Your Junkar is a treasure chest of reusable auto parts and spare metal. In fact, over ninety percent of your junk cars can be reprocessed and reused. You should not let your Junkar degrade at the landfills; instead, look for how to scrap a car near Melrose MA. By doing this, you protect the environment from the adverse effects of auto waste and make money in the process.

Many car owners do not know how to scrap a car near Melrose MA. They simply do not have the necessary information and technical know-how to enable them to scrap their vehicles without stress. Truthfully, it can be a dirty job. However, you can easily conserve energy by bringing your cars to Junkar Ninja. Let us handle the heavy-duty job for you.

The nitty-gritty of Car scrapping

Car scrapping entails removing useful materials from your junk vehicles. You need some level of technical expertise to effectively remove the valuable materials from your old cars. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you consult an auto scrap company to organize car scrap removal.

Suppose you have some technical expertise on how to scrap a car near Melrose MA, you could decide to break down your jalopy and extract the useful auto parts. But, the problem with scrapping your vehicles yourself is that you could cause further damage to your car. Further damage to your car would have a negative effect on the scrap car pricing. I do not advise this.

The best way to scrap your vehicle is to sell it to a competent auto scrap company to help you remove the useful parts. Junkar Ninja auto scrapping services are readily accessible and available to all car owners near Melrose MA.

 How to scrap a car near Melrose MA?

Junkar Ninja practices an extensive car scrapping service that allows us to scrap all sorts of cars at our auto scrap yard near Melrose MA.

Contact us on our telephone lines or send us a mail to inquire about auto scrapping services. You can also chat with our customer care agent to get access to our services.

Let’s talk about how to scrap a car near Melrose MA

How to scrap a car Near Melrose MA

Remove the remaining fluid

Fun fact- the car recycling industries recovers over 85 million barrels of oil from scrap vehicles every year. This large amount can fluid can negatively impact the environment if it is not correctly disposed of.

The first step is to extract the remaining fluid from the tanks, pipes and hose in your vehicle. The recovered fuel, transmission oil, hydraulic fluid and brake oil, to mention a few, can be reused and filtered for other purposes.

Extract useful parts

The next step is to remove the useful auto parts. The recyclable features, such as the catalytic converter, electrical system, air conditioning system, and engine, to mention a few, are carefully removed using advanced car scrapping techniques.

These parts undergo reprocessing to make them suitable for reuse. Auto wreckers supply these parts to the auto parts market. They receive a favorable reception on the market because the prices are way lower than new auto parts.

Crush the frame

The remaining frame is taken to an industrial crusher where the structure is compressed to a smaller size. Afterward, we send the compressed frame to the recycling plant, where scrap metal is recovered from the structure in the form of iron, aluminum and steel.

Scrap metal has become increasingly useful in auto production processes. Every year, over 14 million tons of recycled steel is derived from a junk vehicle.

That sums it up on how to scrap a car near Melrose MA


Junkar Ninja offers superior car scrapping activities, alongside a reasonable financial reward for your junk cars.

How to scrap a car Near Melrose MA

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