Step by Step Guide to Junk My Car Without Title Near Chelsea MA

It becomes relatively difficult to sell your junk cars without your car title document. Many auto scrap companies avoid buying scrap cars missing their car title due to the stressful task involved in documenting car ownership transfer from the scrap car seller to them. This is why you may have little or no luck finding a scrap car buyer willing to junk my car without title near Chelsea MA.

Junkar Ninja offers this service to car owners who have misplaced their car title. We are willing to buy your junk cars whether you have your car title documents or not.

To be frank, looking for a buyer to junk my car without title near Chelsea MA is a stressful process. However, there are ways to sell your scrap cars in the absence of your car title. Let’s go through them. Regardless of whatever method you decide to implement when trying to scrap your car without a car title, Junkar Ninja offers a fair price for it. Even better, we are ready to buy your car at a moment’s notice.

How to junk my car without title near Chelsea MA?

Read on to find out how you can sell your vehicle without the car title.

Register for a duplicate car title

I recommend applying for a duplicate car title. The department of motor vehicle (DMV) has created a unique process to make it easier for car owners that have misplaced their car title to apply for a new one. You can take a trip to the DMV’s nearest office to register for a duplicate car title. Although you would have to pay a small fee and provide certain documents. Some of the documents you would need to get a duplicate car title are;

  • Valid photo identification
  • Valid driver license
  • Information about your vehicles such as the vehicle’s registration and vehicle identification number (VIN)

You may also utilize the online option to retrieve your car title by visiting their website. Their website has a functionality that allows you to submit these documents and pay the fee with your credit card. Usually, this takes ten working days (at most) to get the duplicate car title across to you.

Selling your cars to Junkar Ninja is the more practical option to junk my car without title near Chelsea MA as fast as possible. Why not utilize the speedy car trading platform of Junkar Ninja and sell your vehicle in less than twenty-four hours? We are the best choice.

Junk my car without title near Chelsea MA

Get a copy from your lienholder

Alternatively, you can request a copy of your car title from your lienholder. However, this is only applicable to car owners who took a loan to buy their cars. A lienholder is a person who has a stake in your vehicle until you pay it off.

It is normal for a lienholder to have their names on the car title. In many cases, they may even have a copy of your car title. Hence, you can easily reach out to them to send you a copy of your car title.

Junk my car without title near Chelsea MA

If the methods above do not work for you or simply do not have the luxury of time, you may start to look for scrap car buyers who are willing to junk your car without a car title. The good news is that even though many auto scrap companies do not offer these services, few are ready to go through the arduous process to help you sell your car. Junkar Ninja is one such company.

Junk my car without title near Chelsea MA at Junkar Ninja

You can enjoy our seamless car trading platform to junk your old cars, regardless of whether you have a car title or not. Contact us on (781)-490-9575 to connect with our sales representative, informing us of your decision to junk your car and the unavailability of your car title document. We would put you through a process that allows us to accept your vehicle registration, photo ID, and driving license as a substitute for your car title.

Lastly, you get to enjoy the best deals when you sell your vehicle to us. Favorable pricing is guaranteed.

Get the best from your scrap cars by junking it with Junkar Ninja.

Junk my car without title near Chelsea MA

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