Junk my car without title near Danvers MA

So it’s time to get rid of that metallic eyesore outside your home. You have made a few calls to various auto scrapping services around you only to hit a roadblock. All of them require you to provide your car title. Now you have to search around for your car title. But what if it is nowhere to be found. This could be a major issue; it can be difficult to junk my car without title near Danvers MA. Since the car title is a major requirement for the car sale, you might be prevented from patronizing local junk car buyers.

It is also noteworthy to mention that it is illegal to sell your vehicle without the title in Danvers. So what should you do? Should you give up on selling your vehicle? Leave it abandoned in your home? Absolutely not, there are still a few ways to junk my car without title near Danvers MA. The easiest way to do this is to sell it to Junkar Ninja. We are willing to assist car owners who do not have their car titles.

Let’s have a look at some ways to junk your title-less vehicle.

Sell to a Private buyer

The terms and conditions of selling to a private buyer are flexible compared to other car trading platforms. In this case, you might decide to proceed with the car sale without handing the car title to the new buyer. But the job falls to you to find buyers. You can advertise your vehicles to prospective buyers to see whether they might be willing to offer you cash to take it off your hand. Simple ways to do this are to utilize social media to promote your junk vehicle and place an ad on car trading sites.

But there is an issue, junk vehicles may be challenging to sell to private buyers. There are old cars and it may seem like nobody wants them. Even when you get a buyer, you might have to settle for a less than desirable price. However, Junkar Ninja wants them and would pay good money to acquire your old vehicles. 

Get a new title

If you wish to junk my car without title near Danvers MA, you can simply apply for a new title at the department of motor vehicles (DMV). There is a special procedure for car owners to declare their car title missing and apply for a duplicate title. All you have to do is follow the application process, submit appropriate documents to show proof of ownership, and pay a small fee for the new title. You might also have to provide your vehicle identification number and your personal information. This process is relatively easy although it takes a few days for you to get your title.

This process requires that the car is registered in your name. If your vehicle was not registered in your name, you have to locate the true legal owner to submit the title replacement application. Then they can transfer ownership to you when it arrives.

Selling your junk car becomes easier with a duplicate title although this process could be time-consuming. On the other hand, selling to Junkar Ninja is really fast.

Junk my car without title near Danvers MA

Recover your title from your Lienholder

Another way to junk my car without a title near Danvers MA is to contact your lienholder. Cars could be a bit pricey so many people take loans to fund their vehicle purchase. Until the loan has been paid off, the lienholder retains the title. You could easily contact your lienholder, negotiate the terms of your title release and recover your title. After recovering your title, then you can now find a buyer for your clunker.

Junk my car without title near Danvers MA at Junkar Ninja

Of all the options to junk my car without title near Danvers MA, selling to Junkar Ninja remains the fastest and most profitable option. You do not have to bother about getting a new title at the DMV or settling for an unfavorable price. Junkar Ninja still offers the best prices regardless of your missing title. Although you would have to tender other proof of ownership like the car registration and driver’s license.

Contact us on (781)-905-8448 to trade your old title-less cars.

Junk my car without title near Danvers MA


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