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There are plenty of reasons to get rid of a junk car. Your old favorite might be at the end of its life or have been wrecked in an accident. So you want to sell it before it breaks down completely. Or it might be giving you a lot of problems and you wish to get rid of it. But how do you sell it? Well, you ought to look for scrap car buyers near Saugus MA. JUNKAR NINJA is one of them.

How to Scrap a Car

Selling a clunker may seem tiresome and complicated. When it comes to selling a car, you may need to explore one junk yard after another to get quotes. No doubt, the Internet search gives you a whole range of scrap yards that deal with scrap. You may want to connect with one that is happy to take away the clunker and give you the best price in return.

Searching for scrap car buyers near Saugus MA that can hand out cash for junk can give you mixed results. There are many reasons for you to think twice before doing business with a junkyard.

Before scrapping your car, you need to:

Get your paperwork in order

Do you have the right paperwork to scrap the car? Any legitimate scrap dealer, such as JUNKAR NINJA, will want to see the paperwork first. This guarantees that you are the real owner of the vehicle and that it is not a stolen car.

Check for personal belongings

Since the car is ripped apart in a junkyard, you want to make sure that you remove all your personal stuff from the vehicle when you scrap car buyers near Saugus MA. The car is crushed for metal parts, which are then recycled. The non-recyclable parts are shredded before being disposed of. At JUNKAR NINJA, we believe in the safe disposal of a car’s waste, which can be toxic.

Remove valuable metals

Removing valuable metals from your clunker will give you more money than what you will get by just sending it to a scrap car buyer near Saugus MA. They may not pay you extra for the metal. So selling the metal pieces separately can give you more money than what you may get from selling it as a whole. However, you must be careful when removing the metal so as not to damage the valuable parts.

Besides, you should remove any electrical items too. You can then sell the gadgets separately, such as stereo, smart technology, and GPS software.

If you don’t remove the gadgets, then you should forget about making some extra money from them because a scrap merchant will count them along with other non-recyclables.

Explore all options of scrap car buyers near Saugus MA

You should do Your research into local scrapyards before making a final decision. You want to find a reputable business that has the reputation of delivering on the deal. When you research scrap car buyers, find if the business is known for fair trade practices? What do people say about them?

JUNKAR NINJA has been in the business of scrapping vehicles since long and is happy to take away your clunker. Our long list of clients is a testimony of the fair practices.

Scrap car Buyers Near Saugus MA

Cancel Your Car Insurance

When you start looking for scrap car buyers near Saugus MA, you do not want to forget your car insurance. You should file for its cancellation, depending on your state’s motor vehicle requirements.

Connect with a licensed dealer

Does the car scrap dealer have a license?  When searching for scrap car buyers near Saugus MA, you must connect with one who has a license to safely dispose of vehicles.

A legitimate scrap merchant holds a license and adheres to safety regulations. This should save you from dodgy dealers. At JUNKAR NINJA, we are proud to be a licensed scrap car company with a network of scrap and salvage yards.

Certify the vehicle weight

How much does your junk car weigh? It is important to find the weight of the car because some dealers quote a price based on the weight. The weight reflects the amount of steel or iron in the vehicle.

The heavier the vehicle, the more the steel and the more money you can expect to be paid.

So when you look for scrap car buyers near Saugus MA, you want a fair deal, right? So try to ensure that the dealer has a certified weighing scale too so they offer you the car’s worth and nothing less than that.

Bottom Line

All in all, you want to look for a legitimate scrap car buyer near Saugus MA, such as JUNKAR NINJA. Some unscrupulous dealers may ask for extra charges for towing the vehicle from your location.

Once you hand over the scrap to a junk yard, you should receive a Certificate of Destruction immediately. The deal is not considered done until you get the certificate. This is a legal confirmation that you have handed over your clunker for scrapping. Besides, it means you may not be held responsible for any incident the vehicle is involved in thereafter.

Congratulations, now you’re ready to junk your car! Connect with the leading scrap car buyer near Saugus MA. JUNKAR NINJA is just a phone call away. Dial (781)-905-8448 to reach out to us.

Scrap car Buyers Near Saugus MA

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