How To Scrap Car Near Revere MA for The Maximum Value


If you have an old junk car, there is no benefit of keeping it. In all honesty, when the cost of keeping or running a car outweighs its price, it is better to just send it away to the scrapyard.  It is fairly easy to sell your vehicle for scrap. Just search the word “scrap car near Revere MA” on the Internet, and you may find many salvage yards, junk car buyers, and scrap dealers near your location. Once you talk to them, you are sure to get instant quotes based on the age, condition, and year of manufacturing of your car.

A comparative analysis of quotes received will reveal differences in price offered by each. The reason is your car’s value is much more than a price calculated based on just the scrap value of metals. Anything reusable or that can be re purposed carries a separate value. If extracted mechanical parts are in demand in the local market, it can further add to the overall value of the vehicle. Modern car junking services, such as JUNKAR NINJA, offer to share all such profits with car owners.

Here are a few tips helpful to ensure you the maximum price when you scrap car near Revere MA.

Know the Scrap Evaluation

The scrap price is subject to the following considerations.

  • The age of the vehicle: If your car is new, but partially wrecked the pricing may be higher than if you have an old vehicle that’s in mint condition. This is because newer vehicles have more value for their parts.
  • Make and model of your car: When you scrap a car of a particular model that continues to be on the road, you may get a higher price than an obsolete vehicle. This is because there is  higher chance of someone in need if the parts from your car.
  • Weight of the vehicle: More weight means more iron, copper, and aluminum, and this reflects in a higher quote.
  • Condition of the vehicle: If you scrap car near Revere MA that was wrecked in an accident, many scrap dealers may quote a price less than a worn-out vehicle. It is because of the difficulty in extracting reusable parts.

Apart from these, many salvage yards and dealers also charge for providing pick-up services. They try to reduce the price, citing the low market demand for metals. However, most of these are just pretexts. Contact JUNKAR NINJA if you want to avoid these excuses and get the best price for your inoperable car. We offers free pick up or quick payment.

A One-Piece Car Commands More Price

If your car has all components intact even if it is an ancient clunker, it is sure to command a good price. When you plan to scrap car near Revere MA, make sure you send the vehicle as one piece. Many auto wrecking yards refuse to accept partially dismantled cars.


The higher price for one-piece cars is due to the fact that yards can earn from the scrap metal as well as reusable spare parts. A whole car also offers protection against market metal price fluctuation to a certain extent.

Always be prepared to deal with dishonest scrap dealers when you scrap car near Revere MA. They won’t make a transparent evaluation, including that of reusable and recyclable parts. Most of them have a tendency to reduce prices on one pretext or another.

If you don’t want to deal with such unscrupulous businesses, get in touch with JUNKAR NINJA. It offers an honest evaluation and pricing, taking all aspects into consideration – be it reusable parts, the market price of scrapped steel, or components to be sold for recycling. It includes all variable and fixed cost factors to assure you the maximum price for your junk car.

Tips To Ensure You Get the Maximum Price
  • Always go for licensed auto wrecking yards when you scrap car near Revere MA. Those acting as agents or operating without proper authorization may not be able to offer you the best value for your vehicle. All JUNKAR NINJA affiliated auto wrecking yards have the required licenses and certifications.
  • Inquire about additional costs, such as charges for pick up, taxes, and other fees, beforehand. Make sure you don’t have to pay anything unless expressly agreed upon.
  • Seek quotes from multiple sources – both online and offline. Don’t settle for quotes from one scrapyard. Make a comparative analysis of the quotes before you zero-in on one to scrap car near Revere MA.
  • Do some research on the scrap market and see the average price offered. Check for the prices of scrap metal for the last few weeks. By selling your junk car when the market is strong, you can get the best value for your vehicle.
  • Clean up the car, remove rust spots, and eliminate all those that give it an abandoned look. This is certain to reward you with a better price.
  • If you plan to take out the battery, replace alloy wheels with normal rims, change tires, or remove any spare part to sell it on your own, hire an expert mechanic. Don’t let the car become an assortment of different parts. Take steps to preserve it as one piece when you scrap car near Revere MA.
  • Let the dealer know that you have market awareness and alternatives.

If you feel that you have no time to do so much market research and negotiate with scrap yards, call JUNKAR NINJA at 781-905-8448. A reliable name in the car junking industry for the last decade, we save you from deceitful agents and junkyards. Our affiliated salvage yards are well equipped with men, material, and technology to scrap car near Revere MA in an eco-friendly manner.  We assure you the best price, the best practices, and the best car selling experience.

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