6 Expert Tips To Scrap Car Near Saugus MA

Are you planning to scrap car near Saugus MA? Your car is not a reliable mode of transport now and you want to get rid of it. Keeping the old car in your garage is leading to space constraint, and you want to vacate that space for a new one. Scrapping the old car that has reached its end of life is a good decision. It can give you money as well as contribute to minimizing your carbon footprint.  But before you get in touch with an auto wrecking yard, here are a few things to consider.

#1. Who Should You Sell To

You are ready to scrap car near Saugus MA. But who should you sell your car to? You have multiple options – trading for the new car, dealers, junkyards, salvage yards, or private sellers. Each has its own merits. The auto dealer presents the most convenient option, but the price you get may be the lowest. Most scrap dealers and junkyards are not reliable, and you may end up being a victim of scam. Looking for private sellers is time consuming. Salvage yards are fine, but you need to locate one that is ready to offer the maximum price.

JUNKAR NINJA has many affiliated salvage yards near Saugus MA. We offer the best price and assure you protection from any fraud or scams.

#2.Shop Around

Seek quotes online and in person from junkyards and compare both when you plan to scrap car near Saugus MA. Share your car’s details and an expected price. It is not unusual to see a variation in the prices offered. Meeting with managers at auto yard enables you to determine if they are honest with car owners. Selling car to online dealers means they will deal with you while your car is picked up by their partner junkyard close to your home. You have a better chance of clinching a transparent deal.

It is pertinent that you do your homework on all available options before zeroing-in on one. Ask about pickup charges, fees, and payment methods. Give attention to the cost of transporting the car and inquire about it at the beginning. Don’t leave it for the last moment.

JUNKAR NINJA presents the best option with a mix of benefits from an online sale or in-person sale.

#3. Find Out the Price of Your Junk Car

Apart from make, model, and year of manufacturing, there are other factors that influence the price of your junk car. Pay attention to the following points when you are looking to scrap car near Saugus MA.

  • Check the market value of scrap metals
  • Seek quotes to get an idea of the average price of your car
  • Make sure your car is in a good condition
  • Inspect if your car has spare parts that can be sold in the market
  • Calculate the value of accessories that you can sell separately

Based on your observations, you can form an idea of the value of your junk car. Negotiate with a buyer accordingly. Alternatively, get in touch with JUNKAR NINJA, which offers an honest price taking into account all the aforementioned factors.


#4. Be Aware of Scams

Don’t be lured by a higher quote. There are some dealers, who may try to con you. Although not all car junking services are scams, you must make sure you are not going to fall into any trap. Watch out for the following things when you scrap car near Saugus MA to prevent any fraud.

  • Hidden pickup charges
  • Price quoted based on long tons, while actual weighing is based on short tons
  • Payment offered in checks or instalments
  • Delayed payment offer
  • Offer of coupons
  • Dishonest/ no clear-cut pricing
  • No documentation

Contact JUNKAR NINJA if you are wary of car junking scams.

#5: Money Vs Convenience: Go For A Clean Breakup

There may be some situations when a junkyard quotes you a higher price and another dealer promises a hassle-free dealing. Who should you choose when you scrap car near Saugus MA?

Remember, both are trying to sell you something. Their foremost focus is to protect their own interests. The one with a higher quote may not have disclosed details about pickup and other charges. The one offering easy-to-sell services may want to trade convenience for low cost that does not compensate you for spare parts.

You need to know the clear breakup of both proposals. Ask if they have included spare parts in the evaluation and how they plan to pay you. Let them clarify their charges too. Make a decision only after you are fully convinced.

Call JUNKAR NINJA if you want the best price for your car with no-charge removal and professional support during the entire selling process.

#6. Junk Value Does Not Count Accessories

When you get a junk value quote, it does not include the cost of accessories in your car. It is effectively the scrap value of the vehicle based on the estimated metal weight. A junk value means that the car is no longer useable and it should be scrapped.

However, don’t forget that the components in the car also carry a price as you scrap car near Saugus MA. Spare parts, wheels, tires, mirrors, and other components are mostly sold in the market separately. But auto yards don’t quote separate price for them. Make sure you get the price for them too.

Take out all accessories, such as music system, stereos, seats, and other non-metal parts, if you think you can sell them separately. You scrap dealer may not consider them while calculating the price.

JUNKAR NINJA is the only car junking service that offers a price based on present scrap metal rate, sellable accessories, and spare parts that can be extracted. We make sure your worn-out car value does not disappoint you. If you want to scrap car near Saugus MA, call us at 781-905-8448 to get the best price.


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