Scrap your cars at auto wrecking yards near Danvers

Everything dies! Death remains the inescapable law of nature. Sadly, your car has an expiry date too. After years of prolonged usage and extended levels of depreciation, your cars gradually approach the end of their working life. At this point, you can hear it even in the creaking sound of the engines, sputtering smoke that leaves the exhaust, and the wearing out of the engines. You have to get rid of it. Besides, scrapping your old vehicle at auto wrecking yards near Danvers MA allows you to dispose of your car and earn some cash in the process.

Junkar Ninja offers fantastic cash for cash services at our auto wrecking yards near Danvers MA and several other locations in Massachusetts. So, if you have a car that’s getting rusty and taking up parking space in your garage, sell it to a reliable auto scrap service like Junkar Ninja and get paid for your old cars

What do auto wrecking yards near Danvers MA do with your cars?

Auto scrap services like Junkar Ninja monetize your old cars. We give your old car value by scrapping them and recycling the parts to be used as second-hand parts. As a matter of fact, auto manufacturers encourage people to recycle their old vehicles. This is because recycled auto cars are excellent starting materials for the production of useful vehicles.

You might be wondering about what useful value auto scrap services see in your cars. Permit to give you a breakdown of the valuable parts of your old vehicles.

Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters are highly valued by auto wrecking yards near Danvers MA.  It has a great second-hand value. When fully functional, catalytic converters are used to control the level of emission released by your vehicle. It contains several valuable metals extremely useful in production, such as copper, nickel, cerium, iron, and manganese.

Besides, they contain precious metals like platinum, rhodium and palladium. These metals attract a high price, so you might want to think twice before you dump your old cars at a landfill. Instead, sell it at Junkar Ninja at a reasonable price. We recycle the catalytic converters from your cars for use in producing new vehicles.


The bumpers of your cars can be readily recycled at our auto wrecking yards near Danvers.  Bumpers are one of the most recycled parts of a vehicle. It is not uncommon to find a car with a recycled bumper around you. You would know this by the different colors of the car body and the bumper.

Thus, bumpers are highly sought by an auto scrap dealer. Hence, you can always get a fair price for your scrap cars, provided you have a fitted bumper.

Tires and rims

Under proper usage, your rims and tires can stand the test of time. Hence, you can always get reasonable pricing for your cars. Auto wrecking yards near Danvers MA can easily recycle your old tires and rims to refurbish other vehicles in need of wheels.

Therefore, don’t dispose of your cars with good wheels. Junkar Ninja would pay you well for it. The bigger your wheels, the higher you get paid, and vice versa.


People are encouraged to recycle their batteries due to the hazards old batteries pose the environment. Rather than dispose of your batteries to a landfill, you can easily recycle them and get paid by auto scrap services.

Air conditioning system

Auto wrecking yards near Danvers MA are willing to pay a reasonable sum of money in cash with air conditioning systems. If your old car has a fully functioning air conditioning system and compressor, I recommend you sell it to auto scrap dealers.

There are other useful parts from your cars that can be recycled, such as; radio, oil filters, electrical systems, windscreen wipers, doors, and airbags.

Junkar Ninja offers high-quality scrapping services at auto wrecking yards near Danvers MA

Do you have an old car you wish to cash in? You deserve the best auto scrapping service. Hence, we have created a broad range of services to accommodate vehicles of all models in all kinds of conditions. So even if your car has suffered significant damage, you can still get a fair price for it.

Also, we have a pretty smooth operation. All you have to do is to contact us on our telephone line, and we immediately get to work on your car. You get a free phone estimate, and once we agree on the car, we come for it in less than 48 hours. You get paid immediately.

Junkar Ninja is the best bet for you. Sell us your old cars today.

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