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If you have an old car sitting in your yard for quite some time, you should get rid of it. A junk vehicle serves you no purpose, right? Rather, it spoils the visual appeal of your property. Not only this, it easily becomes a safe haven for pests. Besides, neighbors would hate that sight more than you. Why would you still want to keep it? Are wondering how to sell junk car no title near Peabody MAJUNKAR NINJA has the answer.

Who Buys Junk Cars Without Title

One problem with owning an old car is that you might have lost its title long years ago. Since then the car has been taking up space in the yard. You never bothered about applying for a duplicate. Now that you want to get rid of it, you are finding it tough to sell for the lack of title. Nobody is interested in a vehicle without a title. So how to sell junk car no title near Peabody MA?

Now that you do not have a title but still want to sell the clunker, get in touch with a junkyard that buys cars with no title. JUNKAR NINJA can buy your car without a title. It does not matter whether you have lost the title or it was damaged in flood or fire or has been stolen as long as you can provide us with your car ownership documents.

What documents do you need to prove ownership:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Car’s registration

If you have these two documents handy, you can easily scrap the vehicle. Yes, you can sell junk car no title near Peabody MA to us. There are situations that do not allow you to junk your car without a title.

When Is It Not Possible To Junk Car Without Title

The vehicle is not in your name or it was registered in someone else’s name.  The law requires you to seek their permission to scrap the clunker. In that case, they need to agree and transfer the ownership.

You are yet to pay off the loan. If you owe more than what you are expected to get for scrapping the car, you may not be able to junk the vehicle. In that case, the title is not with you. So if you want to sell junk car no title near Peabody MA, it might not be possible. No new buyer would be interested to take ownership of the loan. Why should they? In that case, you need to pay off the loan completely and get the title back in order to sell a junk car.

Sell Junk Car no Title near Peabody MA

While most cash-for-junk-cars businesses are unwilling to accept cars without title and registration., JUNKAR NINJA will, provided you have the automobile’s registration as proof. What’s more, no title should not be a problem as long as your driver’s license is with you and you can submit it as proof of your car ownership.

So does that mean scrap yards need a title?

Well, car junkers want a title only as proof that the vehicle is not a stolen one. They don’t want thieves to bring stolen vehicles to the salvage yard because that could bring a lot of trouble for the yard.

Will JUNKAR NINJA Buy Car Without Title

You need a title if you are disposing of the whole car. Selling its parts or components will not require any title.  JUNKAR NINJA can still accept the car as a whole without a title. That means you can sell junk car no title near Peabody MA to our affiliated auto scrap yards.

Given the condition of your vehicle that has been totaled or wrecked or damaged beyond repair, it is not rational to sell it to a private owner. In fact, nobody is interested in such a vehicle. Add to the list a lost title, it is completely meant to be scrapped.

An old, wrecked vehicle must head to a junkyard. In doing so, the vehicle can give life to several other cars.

In that case, you need to look for a reliable scrap or junkyard that is licensed to crush damaged scrap vehicles. Not only this, they should show a willingness to send the vehicle to a recycling facility. So check customer reviews and ratings online to find a reputable junkyard like JUNKAR NINJA, which does not have a problem when you show your willingness to sell junk car no title near Peabody MA.

Do not fall victim to fake sites that agree to buy scrap and give cash in return. Unfortunately, they never show up after towing away the vehicle. You should get in touch with a junk car business that has earned a reputation in the car junking business for its honest, fair, and transparent approach.

Not only this, a car junk company like JUNKAR NINJA pays cash as soon as we get hold of the vehicle. After all, we believe in making life easier for car owners keen to Sell junk car no title near Peabody MA.

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Sell Junk Car no Title near Peabody MA

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