Sell Junk Car Without Title Near Peabody MA

You plan to sell your car for cash. What next? Well, you can go ahead to scrap it but you end up finding that you’ve lost the title. Now you are wondering if you can Sell junk car without title near Peabody MA. Yes, you can, and there is no need to panic, especially if you connect with a reputable car junk company like JUNKAR NINJA. If you cannot or do not want to apply for a car title with the Department of Motor Vehicles, then you can scrap it with a junkyard that agrees to buy it from you. 

Options available 

Title with the bank

If you have taken a loan to purchase your car, the title might be with the bank and it shall remain with the financial body until you pay off the loan. Now that you want to junk the vehicle, you may either want to pay off the entire loan and get the title or sell junk car without title near Peabody MAJUNKAR NINJA accepts such deals when you do not have the title and want to scrap the car. In that case, show vehicle ownership proof that you are the owner. Valid car registration and your driver’s license are important pieces of evidence.

Lost title

For a lost title, the DMV is the right place to apply for a duplicate. You will get your hands on a duplicate title within one or two weeks.

If your car is too old, it is no use to apply for a duplicate. The same goes for a wrecked car that serves no purpose instead of ruining the visual appeal of the property. So why keep the clunker on your property when you can sell junk car without title near Peabody?

How to sell the car as junk

So you want to get rid of your scrap car, which is too old or has been in an accident. The clunker might need a lot of repair work in order to run efficiently. You are in no mood to repair the junk as it will cost you a lot. You consider it not worth your time and investment. So consider selling the junk without title without any stress. It is a great way to get rid of automobile junk and make some cash.

Now that you have decided to sell junk car without title near Peabody, JUNKAR NINJA advises clearing the vehicle of all clutter, especially your personal belongings. 

Remove everything of value and importance because once the car goes away to the scrapyard, it is gone forever. 

There is no point of no return. Remove your license plate, which is an important piece of evidence in canceling the title.

sell junk car without title near Peabody MA

Does No Title Mean Less Cash

Well, if you have lost the title, you want to look for a scrapyard that pays you good value for the junk. No, no title does not mean you will get less value in return. This is especially true if the clunker is complete junk or too old to be driven on the road or it is wrecked beyond repair. 

However, make sure you find a reliable junkyard to whom you can sell junk car without title near Peabody MA. Is the business licensed, insured, and bonded? You want to look for reputable and licensed scrap car buyers.

The idea is to find that they enjoy a good reputation. So check their online reviews or ask friends or relatives if they have done business with that junk company. You want to make sure that the company enjoys a good reputation of doing fair and honest business with a transparency focus. You cannot do business with companies that have a poor reputation for charging hidden extras from car owners.

Remember, JUNKAR NINJA does not ask for any hidden fees from car owners to buy a title-less car that does not run. We do not ask for any towing charges or pick-up fees if we need to send our car removal trucks to tow away the clunker. Besides, you get the cash payment in hand before our team tows the unwanted car away.

So what else do you want to know about junking a car? If there are any doubts or concerns to sell junk car without title near Peabody MA, grab your phone and call JUNKAR NINJA at (781)-905-8448.

sell junk car without title near Peabody MA


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