Sell Your Car Near Lexington MA. Be Aware of These Scams

A good deal tops the list of priorities when you plan to sell your car near Lexington MA. This is not uncommon and everyone wants the best deal when selling an old car. However, the quest for the maximum value carries the risk of turning us into victims of auto junkyard scams. What we see as the best deal may end up becoming a scam or a harrowing experience if you fall into the trap of unscrupulous dealers.

JUNKAR NINJA believes in ethical practices that uphold legal sanctity and responsibility toward car owners. We feel it as our duty to warn you about possible junkyard scams so that you do not fall into their trap when you want to sell your car near Lexington MA.

Title Washing Scams

Available media and police reports hint at more than a million cars with their titles washed away being run on US roads. Many of the unsuspecting owners hand over their cars to junkyards only to fall into their trap and become victims of “title wash” scams. The cars given for scrapping are refurbished, documents changed, and resold to gullible customers at a higher price. Make sure you sell your car near Lexington MA to a scrap yard that is not part of such scams.

JUNKAR NINJA and its partner salvage yards in Lexington MA follow legitimate practices that offer the best deal for junk cars. We strictly follow scrapping procedures, ensuring no car meant for scrapping is resold.

Payment Scam

JUNKAR NINJA offers instant cash payment as you sell your car near Lexington MA. We believe that it is the safest and the best way for car owners, as there is no risk of delayed payment or check bounce. Always go for lump sum payout and never agree to payments through installment.

Once you surrender your title, it means you give up on your claim. Unless you get money immediately after signing the papers, you have limited options to get it from deceitful junkyards. Therefore, it is important to inquire about the mode and timing of the payment when you contact dealers or yards for the first time.

Pricing Scam

When you plan to sell your car near Lexington MA, you will get many quotes. Dealers might quote an inflated price to entice you. But once you are there, the offer is reduced on one pretext or another. They might cite poor car condition, scrap market crash, or zero-salvage value as the reasons for the reduced price.

Unless you know the worth of your car, you may be prone to such scams as you sell your car near Lexington MA. If your awareness about the auto industry and the scrapping procedure is lacking, junkyards may not be honest in their dealings. You will get peanuts for your car and they will further sell it for a greater value.

JUNKAR NINJA has built a reputation for offering an honest price. You stand to get more than the initial quote subject to your car evaluation. We don’t make money out of an owner’s desperation but make sure you get the best deal.


Pickup Scam

Shady dealers may not tell you everything unless asked. They try to add as much charges as possible to reduce the payout as you sell your car near Lexington MA. Pickup scams are often used to cheat innocent car owners.

Unless you are vigilant, they may add hidden towing charges to the quote. Pickup personnel may even demand money under the premise that they have no knowledge about any free removal offer.  Unfortunately, many owners often end up paying the charge twice.

JUNKAR NINJA puts an end to such scams by offering no-fee removal of your junk car.

Incentive Scam

It is likely that you may come across different types of incentives offered when you sell your car near Lexington MA. Dishonest dealers may also offer to favor you. Watch out for all such non-cash incentives, coupons, and favors. These are nothing more than “sweet words.”

An honest dealer is the one who can offer you the best deal and cash incentives. Coupons or favors are just a ploy to make you agree to a deal. In many cases, such coupons may have certain limitations. You may find out later that redeeming the coupons is restricted to a few specific circumstances.

JUNKAR NINJA makes sure you get your car’s worth. We are against offering coupons to lure car owners.

Weighing Scam

When you sell your car near Lexington MA, be careful of the weighing calculations. It is likely that the car is weighed in tonnage, and you find it perfect. Still, you may be cheated due to differences in the measurement between long tons and net tons.

For example, a net ton is equal to 2,000 pounds, whereas 2,240 pounds make a long ton. The junkyard may count the weight in long tons and pay you accordingly, though the actual weight is in net ton. This may causes loses worth a few hundred dollars.

JUNKAR NINJA professionals deployed at affiliated salvage yards apprise owners of the weight measurement unit used. We pride ourselves on maintaining utmost transparency in the process.

Want to avoid all these scams or cons usually practiced by auto junkyards if you plan to sell your car near Lexington MA? Call us now at 781-905-8448 and get the best price for your car.


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