Selling My Car: Sell Your Car Fast

Selling My Car: Sell Your Car Fast

Selling My Car: Sell Your Car Fast

Selling your old truck or car shouldn’t have to be a complicated process. When you organize yourself after doing some research, you can make the entire process simple and still get a lot of profit. This article can be your “selling my car” guide to aid you in the process. In this article, you’ll learn about the different steps that you should follow to sell your old car right.

        Determine the worth of your vehicle

Sometimes how willing you are to sell your car boils down to overall expected profit you’ll receive from selling it. Before you finalize on going through with it, you need to be sure that your car’s worth isn’t going to be a problem. So, find out the exact worth of your car before you proceed further. If your truck or car is not worth what you initially had in mind, you should consider other options like trade-in value instead.

        Prepare the paperwork

Do not wait until the last minute to get the paperwork ready. Waiting too long will cause you to start scrambling to find every essential document. As a car owner, selling my car requires precision to not lose any window of opportunity due to lack of adequate planning. An alternative and better approach will be to assemble all the important and necessary documents needed to finalize the sale when you’ve made your decision to sell it. Different states have different requirement for paperwork, so to be better prepared, you should have the following:


  • The car title

    : You need this to transfer ownership of the vehicle to the buyer.

  • Car maintenance records:

    Storing every record of your car maintenance is very helpful. If you do not already have this, you should try getting them from the mechanic or the dealership who handled all your services. Keeping up with regularly scheduled car maintenance can elevate the reliability and value of your car.

  • Release of liability

    : If I were selling my car, I wouldn’t want things about it to linger and worry me in the future. Having this release of liability form will prevent you from being the person held liable for damages incurred after you’ve sold the vehicle. If you don’t have this, you could be caught up in disputes over car accidents or any event that occurs before registration under a different owner is complete.

  • Bill of sale:

    Your bill of sale represents the documentation of terms and conditions in case of any dispute, and can free you from liabilities.

  • As-is documents: If your car no longer has warranties, then you need to make it very clear to any potential owner that they will take responsibility for damages and repairs once you sell the vehicle. This could be included in your bill of sale.
  • Warranty documentation

    : if your car still has a manufacturer’s warranty or even an extended one, you should have those documents prepared to be given to the new car owner.

Get your car ready

If I were selling my car to people who most likely don’t already know me, I would want to make sure I’m attracting the right people and showing them how serious I am. A clean car will look attractive to a potential buyer and will create the impression that your vehicle is being adequately cared for by its current owner.

Before you even take photos of your car or place it for people to see, you will need to give detail of the exterior and the interior of the car. If you choose this yourself, then ensure you wash it and wax it, clean the tires and rims, clean the ashtrays, wash or replace old floor mats, wash the car windows, and vacuum the seats and floor.

Take photos of the car

When your car is well organized and clean, the next step is to take a lot of pictures. These pictures will help you to attract more potential buyers when you advertise. Ensure to take multiple pictures from various angles and pick the best for your ad. Shots you should include are the front, rear and both sides of the exterior. In the interior, take photos of the trunk, front seats, and back seats. The dashboard, and carpets. Also, take photos of the engine and wheels.

Find where to advertise and create advertisement

Advertising correctly involves finding where potential buyers frequently shop and placing information to attract them. Creating good ads start with knowing relevant details about your vehicle in-and-out. A detailed description of the vehicle will attract buyers who know what they are looking out for. So, make it as clear as possible.

Included in that ad placement should be information about the asking price of the car, the mileage, history and present condition of the car, information about upgrades or modifications done on the car (if any), VIN, and the number of previous owners.

Screen the potential buyers

From a seller’s point of view, if I’m selling my car to one out of any number of buyers, I wouldn’t want to stress myself out in an attempt to get the best deal. After placing your ad for people to see, you should be prepared to respond to calls and messages. Answer questions about the vehicle via phone or e-mail, and only schedule test drive buyers who are serious about buying it. This is the period you need to be wary of fraudsters. Set guidelines to ascertain legitimate buyers from the fake ones. To do this, you need to have the person’s full name, clarify the acceptable form of payment since checks or money orders are dicey options. Do not accept monthly payments.

Make a sales pitch

Some of those potential buyers may make an effort to come and see the car for themselves, and when they do, you can use that opportunity give your sales pitch. An ideal time to educate the buyer about the benefits of owning the car is during a test drive. Talk about things like the affordability of the car, safety, and reliability as well as the performance of the car.

Negotiate a price

It is good to start with a price higher than any amount you are willing to accept. Do not be afraid of counter offers but remind the buyer of how firm your first price is. Also, it helps to have a lowest acceptable amount when negotiating.

Selling My Car: Sell Your Car Fast

Finalize it

All the other steps you took in this guide lead to this one. When an agreement is reached, the next thing to do is finalize all necessary paperwork. Don’t forget to take away your insurance policy from the car. Blot out any personal information from the records to prevent identity theft, put in state-required paperwork and hand over the car keys.

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