Selling My Car Near Salem MA

Seeing that decades-old car is increasingly becoming a headache. True, the junk vehicle is catching dust in the garage or rust in the yard. What’s more, it is an eyesore for neighbors and an injury hazard for neighborhood kids. Even worse, it poses a risk of premises liability if a child gets injured playing on the abandoned vehicle. Last but not the least, the vehicle is not repairable nor roadworthy. So you are surely thinking of selling my car near Salem MA is a safer option.  Luckily, JUNKAR NINJA and its affiliated yards are still happy to buy the clunker, which is a waste for you. It can fetch you some amount of money. 

Is Selling My Car Near Salem MA A Good Option?

There are a number of reasons why you should get rid of an old car. This is especially true if you cannot sell it to a private buyer. 

  • An old junk car is of no use if it sits abandoned in the yard. Does it serve any purpose? No.
  • Selling a car that is not even worthy of driving to a private buyer is not a good option either. Nobody is keen to invest money in a clunker that is not roadworthy or requires frequent trips to the car mechanic.
  • A junk car is not an eco-friendly option either. Keeping a car abandoned in the backyard amounts to letting it rust under the impact of weather elements. What’s more, a vehicle that does not move might leak fluid or toxins into the environment and pollute the air, water, and soil.  As an environmentally conscious and responsible citizen, you want to take all steps that are friendly to the environment. Of course, it is no use letting the vehicle rust when you can sell the clunker. Think selling my car near Salem MA can give you more reasons to do your bit for the cause of the environment.
  • Selling an old car to a junkyard that believes in recycling automobile waste is a decision that you want to make as an owner of a clunker. Recycling is the best decision for the environment and yourself. When automobile waste is recycled, it reduces the burden on the mining industry to extract ores, which burdens the ecology. JUNKAR NINJA suggests scraping the clunker and recycling the automotive waste as a step toward sustainability.
  • Removing a clunker from your yard gives neighbors a reason to smile and befriend you. Nothing irritates the neighborhood more than an abandoned vehicle that attracts the attention of thieves and makes the community vulnerable to theft. 

“By selling my car near Salem MA, I will reduce the risk of liability too, right?” Yes, when you scrap your vehicle, you are removing a rusting piece of metal from your premises that were a huge attraction for neighborhood kids. There was always a risk of slip and fall. So when you sell the clunker, you reduce that risk too.

Selling my car near Salem MA

What Do I Need for Selling My Car Near Salem MA

There are strong valid reasons to sell your car to a car junking service, such as JUNKAR NINJA. Before starting the process, you want to get all of the required documents in order. For a car with a title, you must make sure that it is filled out completely. But for a title-less car, you might not find many junkyards interested in buying the clunker without a title. They might require you to apply for a duplicate in that case. 

Now it depends on you whether you want to go to the DMV to apply for a title or look for a scrapyard that buys title-less cars. For example, JUNKAR NINJA-affiliated scrap companies. You can approach such junkyards and tell, “I am interested in selling my car near Salem MA without a title.” Wait for their answer. That’s it. The whole process of junking a vehicle does not get easier than this.

Can a junkyard reject my offer?

Well, some junkyards that require a title might reject your offer, fearing that

  • It is a case of theft
  • There are lien or loans on the vehicle
  • It is an invalid title

How to Get Your Clunker to the Junkyard

You have decided to sell your car. If it does not run, you may need to take it to the junkyard. But some car junk companies, such as JUNKAR NINJA, offer free car removal services. In that case, if your car doesn’t run, their car removal team will come to your doorstep to pick up the clunker and still charge you no extra cost for towing it away. 

So are you still undecided whether to junk your car? When selling my car near Salem MA is on top of your priority list, look no further than JUNKAR NINJA. Call us at (781)-905-8448.

Selling my car near Salem MA


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