We buy junk cars no title near Woburn MA at great prices

Are you looking for how to trade your junk cars for cash? Junkar Ninja can help you with that. We are willing to give you a good amount for your old vehicles. Even better, we buy junk cars no title near Woburn MA.

You might find it challenging to sell your old vehicles if the car title is not available- perhaps you have misplaced your car title or were never given your car title.

The question is, how do you sell your Junk cars without the car title. Read through this article to gain insights on how to go about it. Or better still, contact Junkar Ninjawe buy junk cars no title near Woburn MA.

The car title

The car title document, also referred to as the certificate of title, is an important piece of paper that contains essential information about the owner of the vehicle. It shows basic information about the vehicle owners. This is why it is used to prove the legal ownership of cars. Because of this, the car title document has been made a compulsory document during the car trading process. The car seller is expected to transfer the car title to the new buyer.

In the absence of the car title, it may be challenging to document the transfer of ownership to the new owner. You do not need to worry about that with Junkar Ninja. We buy junk cars no title near Woburn MA, at great prices.

The information on the car title

Having proper knowledge about the car title and the information on the car title would help you when you have to want to trade your vehicles. The car title contains the following documents;

The type of vehicle

The car title contains necessary information about the vehicle, such as the brand, year, make and model. It may also include the model style and the license plate number.

The owner

The car title also displays specific information about the car owner and the person to whom it is registered. It also contains the owner’s address.

We buy junk cars no title near Woburn MA


There is also a section that shows the mileage level and the date it was measured. The mileage can help you note crucial details about the state of the vehicle.

Vehicle identification number (VIN)

The VIN is unique to each vehicle. Hence, it is used as a precise way to identify your vehicle. The car title document has a section that contains the VIN. The VIN on the car title must match the number on the car.


In some cases, where the car owner took a car loan to purchase the vehicle, the lender may be included on the title as a lienholder.

The use of the car title during the trading process

There is also a section that allows the car owner to transfer their vehicle ownership to a new owner. The buyer and seller have to fill their section with their details to signify the transfer of ownership. There is no easy way to register the transfer of ownership in the absence of the car title. Junkar Ninja has a simplified process that allows us to buy junk cars.

You could decide to try to get a duplicate car title from the department of motor vehicle(DMV). Visit the local office of the DMV to request a car title retrieval. You can also visit their website to retrieve it. Choose what works for you.

If you have a lienholder on your car title, you can also request a copy.

We buy junk cars no title near Woburn MA at generous prices

If both options do not work, then you may go ahead to look for who can buy your junk cars without a title. Junkar Ninja does it. We buy junk cars no title near Woburn MA

All you have to do is contact our sales representative at (781)-905-8448 or send us an email. Inform the sales representative of the unavailability of your car title document. We would put you through a unique process that allows us to accept your vehicle registration, driving license and photo ID in place of the car title.

Also, we buy junk cars no title near Woburn at great prices. Contact Junkar Ninja for the best deals on your vehicle (with or without your car title).

We buy junk cars no title near Woburn MA

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