We Buy Junk Cars Without Title Near Swampscott MA

Owning a junk car can be a burden. It is a burden on your resources. Not only this, it hurts the image and appeal of your property. What’s more, even neighbors are not too happy with it. if you decide to sell it, you cannot do it primarily because you have lost the title. Additionally, it is not wise to sell a wrecked, old, damaged, or totaled vehicle. You should rather scrap it. however, there are not too many junkyards that will agree to buy a car with no title. So what is the solution? Luckily, at JUNKAR NINJA, we buy junk cars without title near Swampscott MA.

How To Make Money From Junk Car No Title

You want to get rid of the old SUV that was once a charm to own. But it no longer is a prized possession, for it has lived its age and reached the end of life stage. Now when you decided to sell it to a private owner, you found that you have lost the title too. Worst still, the vehicle does not look to be in a good condition. No private owner will want to invest in such a vehicle. We advise scrapping the end-of-stage vehicle to save the environment from air, water, and soil pollution that a rusting automobile can cause.

Now you will ask: who will buy a rusting vehicle?

We buy junk cars without title near Swampscott MA so you do not need to go elsewhere. Scrapping the vehicle does not take long with us. However, when you call us at (781)-905-8448, you need to furnish a few details about the vehicle that you plan to scrap. This includes:

  • Make and model of the car
  • Year of manufacture and purchase
  • Any significant damages
  • Title or title-less car

Do you have the keys? We might ask, though we buy cars without keys too. We understand that sometimes some situations might not go in your favor and you could end up losing the title. For example, a fire or flood. In some situations, the title could be stolen.

Whatever the situation, we buy junk cars without title near Swampscott MA at JUNKAR NINJA.

We buy junk cars without title near Swampscott MA

Do You Buy Car Without Title?

Yes, you can approach us to sell your title-less vehicle. However, when you say you have lost the title, we still want you to submit some proof of ownership. The evidence suggests that you are the real owner. So in that case, you may show us your driver’s license and the vehicle’s registration in your name. these are two solid pieces of evidence that can help you establish your car ownership.

Following this, it is a fairly easy and hassle-free process, unlike many other scrap yards, where scrapping a title-less car can be a challenge. They may ask you a whole lot of questions and still require a duplicate title.

That sounds crazy, especially when you submit the other pieces of evidence.

But with JUNKAR NINJA, it is painless and uncomplicated.  When we say we buy junk cars without title near Swampscott MA, we mean it and stick to our promise.

We will make an offer after making an assessment of your vehicle. Following this, you are in a position to sell us the clunker for cash. After your nod of approval on the deal, the next step is to arrange a day and schedule for our tow truck driver to pick up the car at no extra cost. This is another important point to consider if you look for other junkyards to sell the vehicle. Most junk car companies ask for a pickup fee, which means you might get less in hand as opposed to what was promised over the phone by the company.


You want to make sure you get in touch with a reputable junkyard that enjoys 5-star customer reviews and does not add to the complexity of the car scrapping process.

 We buy junk cars without title near Swampscott MA so you can connect with us without going elsewhere. We enjoy the reputation for our honesty and fairness. Our customers love us for the type of work we do – recycling scrap cars.

Even if you have lost the title, it does not matter to JUNKAR NINJA. We are pleased to announce this and happy to buy a junk vehicle.

You will never have to look elsewhere if you approach our team of professional junk car dealers. Get in touch with us today, for we are proud to declare we buy junk cars without title near Swampscott MA, and keep our promise of sending the vehicle to recycle facilities. What more do you want?

We buy junk cars without title near Swampscott MA

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