Environmentally friendly Auto scrap Yard near Winthrop, MA

Are you searching for a way to dispose of your banged-up, abandoned, and old vehicles?  Do you also know that you can get paid for your old cars? Junkar Ninja is the right choice for you. We present a way to make cool cash on your old vehicles while providing a pollution-free way to rid yourself of your old cars. Junkar Ninja is among the few environmentally friendly auto scrap yard near Winthrop MA.

Why not check the broad variety of services available to our clients? I assure you that you would be satisfied.


Junkar Ninja is a high-quality auto scrap service for your old cars. We purchase your junk cars for fantastic prices.  We give you a way to dispose of your vehicle and make money in the process.

According to United States statistics, an average of twelve million cars stops running each year.  Scrapping and recycling vehicles are the only environmentally friendly way to discard these vehicles. This is what Junkar Ninja offers to you.

As one of the best auto scrap yard near Winthrop MA, we take your old (abandoned, rickety, and expired) cars and convert them into marketable parts that can be reused for other purposes.


Junkar Ninja auto scrap services buy all kinds of vehicles ranging from SUV, cars, truck and vans in all types of conditions at incredible rates. We have an extensive network of auto scrap yard near Winthrop MA, to handle the clearances of your old jalopies.

Compared to several other auto scrap services, our employees are well-trained to handle all the complexities in this business. We place proper care to ensure that our clients get the best customer care experience. Our track record says it, a quick look at the customer care section of our website shows you the success we have achieved in this field. Asides that, we offer a better price than others.

Junkar Ninja is affiliated with a vast network of auto scrap yards across the country, so we are well-positioned to offer our services to you irrespective of your location. In a bid to reach our customers in Winthrop, we have set up several auto scrap yard near Winthrop MA. If you stay in Winthrop, MA, and you have a hunk of junk taking up space in your parking lot, you should check us out. Get cash for your junk cars today.

Auto Scrap Yard Near Winthrop MA


Perhaps you have a car that is already failing you, needs repairs a lot, and has a poor fuel economy? Or maybe you have a banged-up car that is gathering dust in your compound? Then you should check us out.

We are easily accessible by telephone number. It would be required for you to provide accurate details about your vehicle, such as the model, age, condition, and location of your car in Winthrop, MA.  We do this, so the salvage value of your jalopy can be evaluated.  In less than 24 hours, you would receive an offer.

Once you have consented to our offer, we move your car free of charge. A representative from our firm would call you to organize pick up with one of our buyers from an auto scrap yard near Winthrop MA.  One remarkable thing about Junkar Ninja is that we pay you your cash as we pick it up. There is no waiting process.

What happens to your car? Easy, we break it down for parts, convert the metal to scrap, and resell the recyclable features such as the wheels, tires, glass, and car seats.

Why should you use Junkar Ninja services?

Junkar Ninja is committed to providing excellent auto scraping services to customers in Winthrop, MA ( and in all parts of the country) through various auto scrap yard near Winthrop, MA. We place considerable importance on customer service; hence our employees are trained to exude competence and reliability when dealing with clients. Apart from that, we have a quick response time to the calls and demands of clients. Junkar Ninja picks up your car and pays for it in record time.

Compared with other auto wreckers, we are actually concerned about the environment, hence our green operation processes of auto scraping.

Furthermore, Junkar Ninja pays more than all other auto scraping services.

Auto Scrap Yard Near Winthrop MA

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