How To Avoid Junkyard Scams When Selling My Car Near Saugus MA

You want to get the best deal when it comes to selling a junk car, right? Getting the best deal was my ultimate desire when selling my car near Saugus MA. Of course, we all want to avoid being scammed when scraping our clunker. Since the advent of the Internet, selling your old vehicle has become easier, but it has doubled the perils of selling. Probably you have made the right decision to scrap your clunker instead of overhauling the big pile of rust into a vehicle that performs efficiently on the road.

How Not To Be Scammed When Selling Car Near Saugus MA

Now that you’ve decided to scrap your car in a junkyard, you are feeling apprehensive about it. You do not want to be scammed just like the horror stories you have heard about people working with junkyards. When I was interested in selling my car near Saugus MA, I wanted to be extra cautious in finding the right junkyard to scrap my clunker. Well, not all scrap yards are alike, but there are a few that do not enjoy a good reputation.

When searching for the right salvage yard for selling my car near Saugus MA, I came across some common junkyard scams that you should avoid becoming a victim to. The idea is to look for a reputable junkyard like JUNKAR NINJA that can guarantee you a happy deal.

Hidden charges

You might be surprised to learn that some scrap yards leave you with last-minute surprises relating to hidden fees about which you were never told before. When you connect with them for a quote initially, they tend to offer a lucrative price only to lure you into the deal. Unfortunately, things turn out differently later when you are almost ready to sell your clunker. Their tow truck driver might ask for a fee for hauling away your junk vehicle. Similarly, there are a number of other hidden charges that could surprise you. There might be random fees on the bill. Ultimately, the final price being offered to you drops significantly.

When I was looking for options for selling my car near Saugus MA, I realized that such types of hidden charges were a common trick employed by fake junkyards.

So you should always confirm with the salvage yard about any extra fees or charges when you connect with them initially. JUNKAR NINJA prides itself on our honesty with car sellers. We do not charge any hidden fee for towing. Our deals are fair and transparent.

Check payment

When selling my car near Saugus MA to a scrap yard, I found that the most common junkyard scam was in the form of bounced checks. A number of junkyards sign you a check in return for your junk car. Unfortunately, such transactions can be risky unless the company has a good reputation in the industry. If you can’t verify it from their customers, you would better want to avoid such companies that pay checks.


There have been instances where a few junk car sellers sold their salvage vehicle to a junkyard and ended up with a bounced check at their bank.

The best way to avoid such risky transactions is to look for a junkyard that pays cash, such as JUNKAR NINJA. Never surrender your vehicle title to a company without getting paid in cash. Make it a point to demand immediate payment.

Not licensed

When selling my car near Saugus MA, I was reluctant to sell to unlicensed junkyards. Selling your junk car to a registered company is a safer choice in more ways than one. Licensed scrap yards enjoy a better reputation than unlicensed companies. You can enjoy peace of mind that you are reducing your carbon footprint by selling your clunker to a scrap yard that is environmentally responsible. When selling my car near Saugus MA, I wanted to sell directly to the auto recycler and avoid middlemen to make more cash for car. If you approach a middleman or tow company, they will charge you extra for towing and further selling your clunker to a junkyard.

Licensed salvage yards, such as JUNKAR NINJA, are serious about their reputation and go to any extent to make it a win-win deal for you. Most licensed scrap yards offer free towing, which means more cash in your pocket.

Choose the Best Junkyard

How can I avoid junkyard scams when selling my car near Saugus MA? If this is the question disturbing you, it is always better to opt for a reputable company like JUNKAR NINJA. Of course, with us, rest assured you will have a safe, hassle-free deal and end up with instant cash in your hands.

So why waste your time with a scrap yard that tries to scam you and dilly-dallies in making payment. Avoid companies that practice “bait and switch” policy and offer you a less than the expected price at the time of payment.

JUNKAR NINJA is a reputable name in the junk car business that pays quick cash for car, without charging any hidden fees.

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