Car Recycling Near Lynn MA

You have enjoyed endless journeys in your favorite vehicle. But now it is no longer roadworthy. It has lived its age. So now it’s time to choose car recycling near Lynn MA. But you might wonder why you should choose a junkyard that has a strict environmental policy on junking vehicles, right? Well, a huge benefit associated with car recycling is that recycling is meant to reuse all the steel and aluminum from automobiles. this has a benefit for the ecology, as the demand for new steel ore is reduced significantly. Remember, mining requires a lot of energy. JUNKAR NINJA adhered to strict environmental norms when it comes to car junking and recycling.

Understanding Car Recycling Near Lynn MA

What is the importance of recycling? Like any other product, cars are made from regular material. Thus they can be dismantled into parts. There is a lot of scrap metal in cars that can be recycled in recycling facilities by specialist auto wreckers and recyclers. Recycling limits the amount of waste in landfills.  

  • The first step involves the safe removal of batteries and tires. 
  • The second step involves safely draining away the liquid in the vehicle, including fuel. 
  • The third step is to remove catalytic converters and batteries and send these components for recycling.

Some parts can simply be reused without requiring to undergo recycling. This includes spare parts that are in working condition. 


A battery is the most toxic component of a vehicle. That means unless it is recycled, it continues to pose a threat to the environment. A recycling facility aims to prevent the breakdown of lead-acid car batteries naturally, thus preventing leakage into the environment.  Remember, lead can be extremely toxic to the environment and humans. When you choose a junkyard that has a strict environmental policy, such as JUNKAR NINJA, you are removing toxins from the environment. The best thing is that 90% of the components in a battery can be recycled and reused into new batteries. 


A car body has a lot of steel and aluminum, all of which can be reused. Car recycling near Lynn MA reduces the demand for new steel ore, which reduces the burden on the ecology. Recycling of steel conserves energy and saves the earth from water pollution. Remember, steel manufacturing from ores can pollute water bodies.

Car Recycling Near Lynn MA


Oil from car engines must be carefully disposed of instead of dumping into landfills. It is extremely polluting to the environment and can contaminate groundwater.  You might be surprised to find that even 1 liter of oil can contaminate one million liters of water. Cleaning and reuse of oil can make it a fit for use elsewhere. 


When it comes to car recycling near Lynn MA, tires can cause severe pollution if dumped in a landfill or burned. Worst still burned waste of automobile tires can contaminate groundwater. They are a huge fire hazard as well. Luckily, tires can be recycled to produce compose bins, road surfacing, and insulation blocks. They make beautiful planters too. JUNKAR NINJA can help get your tires to a respectable place they deserve.

Auto glasses

Glass recycling is also an important part of car recycling near Lynn MA.  When it comes to car scrap recycling, glass recycling reduces the quantity of glass that could be otherwise dumped into the landfills. It is part of energy conservation and reduces air and water pollution. Luckily, after the glass is reclaimed, it can be recycled and repurposed again and again.

Mats and carpets

Instead of dumping automotive carpeting in landfills, mats and carpets can be shredded and recycled to make new floor coverings. The same can be used to manufacture construction materials and home furnishings. Recycling rubber saves energy, resources and conserves the environment, preventing it from pollution.

Is it a Good Decision To Choose Car Recycling Near Lynn MA

Vehicle recycling is a process in which a car is dismantled. Recycling is a step to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. If yours is an old vehicle that is nearing the end of the stage, you must retire it so that it does not continue to emit toxins into the environment. Remember, even a rusting vehicle is a source of environmental pollution.  It can continue to leach toxins. 

So if you are looking for car recycling near Lynn MA options, get in touch with JUNKAR NINJA. You ought to look for experts in the junking and recycling industry in order to reduce your carbon footprint. We are happy to go lucky junkers that believe in conserving natural resources and putting them to reuse. It’s for us and our generations. What do you say?

If you agree and seek a professional car junker, dial (781)-905-8448, and JUNKAR NINJA will get back to you with an accurate quote for junking and recycling your clunker.

Car Recycling Near Lynn MA

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