Car Recycling Near Swampscott MA

You might be surprised to learn that the automobile industry contributes a lot to the recycling industry. In fact, there is a large demand for the end of life vehicles because of automobile scrap, which is primarily metal. Auto recyclers seek old, abandoned, and damaged vehicles for automotive metal. You might be interested in car recycling near Swampscott MA if you own an old vehicle worthy of being crushed. Look for a facility known for environmental safety standards. If you cannot find any recycling facility closeby, JUNKAR NINJA is happy to help you get rid of the metal junk and send it to recycle units where it can be separated and repurposed to produce new items. 

Stages of Car Recycling Near Swampscott MA

When a vehicle reaches its end of life stage, you may choose to sell it to a junkyard. However, it would be even better to look for a scrap yard affiliated or connected with a recycling facility. This ensures that the vehicle meets a fair end and is not left in the junkyard to rust and rot for years, adding to landfill clutter and environmental contamination and degradation.

When the automobile reaches the facility for car recycling near Swampscott MA, it goes through the following steps.


The vehicle is inspected to determine if it is worthy of recycling, dismantling, or repair. A recycling facility chooses to dismantle and recycle the vehicle to limit automotive waste for landfills. It all begins with fluid draining fluids because all types of automobile fluids are hazardous. This includes antifreeze, brake fluid, lubricants, oil, and gas. Gas and oil are filtered first for reuse.

Then the car recycling near Swampscott MA facility lifts the car engine and transmission from the chassis and removes all other usable components. The facility may choose to remove other crucial components for resale. This includes batteries and tires.

Crushing and shredding

When recyclable parts are sorted out, everything else is crushed and shredded. This includes metal, resulting in a flat metal chunk. 

Did you know car batteries can be recycled too? Even car tires are worth recycling. 

Are you looking for car recycling near Swampscott MA options?

JUNKAR NINJA has the answer.

Car Recycling near Swampscott MA

It is of no use keeping unwanted automotive waste on your property. It should head straight to the scrap metal market. We have the right equipment to process, shred, and recycle metal.

If you have lost the car title, you need not worry if you have the registration and driver’s license handy. We need it as proof of your ownership. That’s it.

This makes the whole process of scrapping and recycling easier.

JUNKAR NINJA is happy to pick up all types of vehicles from your property. This includes trucks, cars, and RVs. What’s more, the vehicle need not be in a running condition for us to scrap it. we can tow it away at no extra cost.  We will remove the eyesore from your property and the burden of owning a clunker too. 

By sending your old junk vehicle to a recycling facility, you are taking a step in the right direction and removing hazardous chemicals and pollutants from the environment.

What parts of a car can be recycled?

Scrap metal, auto glass, oil filters, engine oil, transmission, engine, tires, water pump, and batteries can be recycled. Recycling of metal parts of automobiles produces a lot of recycled steel, which is then sent back to the manufacturing industry. It is important to minimize wastage and the need for mining simultaneously. Recycling helps lower the cost of steel manufacturing. 

Car manufacturers are taking a keen interest in sustainability and designing new vehicles from recycled materials. Car recycling near Swampscott MA can help you get rid of a vehicle that is absolutely not worthy of being driven around on the road. Why let the clunker keep sitting and taking up valuable space on your property? By choosing the scrapping and recycling option, you are helping the environment. So see off your clunker by selling it for scrap to JUNKAR NINJA.

When you decide to dispose of your old favorite, it’s time to dial (781)-905-8448 to get the automotive scrap safely removed. We are happy to provide free car scrap removal services and do our bit for the environment.

Do not forget to remove your personal belongings before bidding good-bye to the vehicle. If there is any insurance coverage on the vehicle, you will need to cancel the policy. When done, your vehicle is all set to go to the recycle facility in Swampscott. 

JUNKAR NINJA will take away the vehicle free of cost.

Car Recycling near Swampscott MA

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