Car recycling near Salem MA

What do you plan to do with that old clunker? Are you happy with its presence in your yard? You might have heard neighbors complaining about the metal beast, which ruins the aesthetic appeal of the space. On top of it, the unsightly car is doing no good sitting in the yard – serving no purpose at all. So why not go for car recycling near Salem MA instead? Now the question is: how to go about it? Well, trust JUNKAR NINJA for the purpose.

How Are Cars Recycled

When an automotive reaches the end of its lifecycle, you can scrap it at a junkyard. You may even want to sell it to an auto-recycling facility if you feel a responsibility toward the environment. Remember, the whole process of mining, processing, and refining new metals puts a burden on the environment. Car recycling near Salem MA is a safer alternative for the ecology. This involves recycling what’s already available.

At a recycling facility, a car undergoes the following stages:


Detailed inspection

Once a car is crushed, it cannot be salvaged. So a recycling facility makes sure the automotive is completely worthless before proceeding with crushing it. That means when you send your clunker for car recycling near Salem MA, the recycling facility will inspect it.

If it looks unprofitable to repair the clunker, the recycling facility opts for dismantling, following which the car is recycled. Recycling is a way to do your bit for the environment. So you should look for a scrap company that guarantees to recycle the clunker. JUNKAR NINJA is proud to be one such automotive scrap company.


Draining fluids

The next stage is draining different fluids. There are many types of fluid in a vehicle that can prove hazardous for the environment. This includes oil, gas, antifreeze, transmission, brake lubricants and fluids. Hazardous liquids are segregated and disposed of safely. Some liquids, including oil, can be filtered and reused.

Once the liquids are drained of, it’s time for the removal of the car engine and transmission from the car chassis. Additionally, for car recycling near Salem MA, usable components are removed for resale or recycling. This includes tires and batteries.


Selling recovered auto parts

During the process of extraction, the car parts that can still be put to use are recovered from the vehicle and separated. Most auto-part re-manufacturers are interested in buying these components. The car recycling near Salem MA facility sells these parts to interested buyers.

Car recycling near Salem MA

Crushing and shredding

Now what remains in the car is the metal body after all recyclable parts have been sorted out. The remaining components are crushed flat into a metal chunk. When this is done, what is left of the car is a chunk of the size of a small microwave oven.

Luckily, when an automobile passes through the process of car recycling near Salem MA, it does not end up in landfills. Flooding the landfills does not do any good to the environment. It is a burden on the ecology. So your objective should be to look for junkyards that promise junk car recycling. JUNKAR NINJA is happy to be one scrap company that recycles your old car responsibly.

What’s more, you can expect to be paid top dollar for your old investment that you want to get rid of quickly.

Finding the Right Junkyard for Car Recycling Near Salem MA

What do you look for in a scrap yard when you decide to sell your old, damaged, or wrecked car? Well, you look for a reputable junkyard that accepts old cars and pays you top dollar. You also want the junkyard to pick the vehicle free of cost. Of course, you want a reliable junk company that believes in eco-friendly practices.

JUNKAR NINJA is what you are looking for. Share details about your vehicle – is it totaled, wrecked, damaged, or old? What is its make, model, and year? We may ask for some other details, such as title of the car. If you do not have the title, car recycling near Salem MA is still possible.

Let us give you a free assessment. If it is acceptable, let’s plan a pickup day. You decide the time and day and we will be right there to take away the burden. We promise not to charge any hidden fees for pickup.

It will be free of cost. What more do you want?

Connect with JUNKAR NINJA by calling us at (781)-905-8448. We will be happy to help.

Car recycling near Salem MA

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