Scrap car buyers near Peabody MA

If you are planning to sell an old car, now you might be looking for scrap car buyers near Peabody MA. Irrespective of the condition of your old car, you can still scrap it and make money from it. Is it still valuable, you might wonder? How to find the value of the clunker? JUNKAR NINJA shows how to estimate the value of an old car below.

Is the car in a working condition?

First things first, you want to find whether the car is in working condition. If it is not working, it will be valued by scrap metal. The scrap buyers might be interested in knowing about the car’s make and model in order to determine the value. Among other things, its logistics are also taken into consideration to evaluate a clunker that has stopped working.

On the other hand, a car in a working condition may be valued based on the value of its spare parts and metal. Such a vehicle can give you a higher value than one that is not working. Some scrap car buyers near Peabody MA may charge you for towing a car that does not move. But JUNKAR NINJA’s car removal partners charge nothing for pickup. 


An abandoned vehicle is quick to catch rust, given the amount of exposure to weather elements. While the value of the car that most scrap car buyers near Peabody MA offer has nothing to do with its aesthetic value, it can affect the price indirectly. Rust or corrosion degrades and devalues metal parts. 

Most car buyers will consider the degradation and rusting of metal to evaluate a clunker because if it does not have good quality metal, it might become worthless and may not be used to produce good quality crude metal. Even recycling facilities may not be willing to buy such metal parts from scrap car buyers near Peabody MA

Scrap Metal prices

Now that you want to get rid of your old car, the price of scrap metals should attract your attention. JUNKAR NINJA suggests being aware of the metal value in the scrap market to get the best deal when you try to sell the clunker.

Scrap car buyers near Peabody MA

Value of other parts

There are some other parts in the vehicle that is still valuable. This includes seat covers and rubber from tires. Reliable scrap car buyers near Peabody MA, such as those affiliated with JUNKAR NINJA, offer the best value, taking everything into account.

What To Do Before Scrapping the Car

It is important to unregister the license plates linked to your name so that you are not called for an inquiry in the event of a mishap involving the vehicle once it is sold. Then you should cancel your insurance too.

Besides, you do not want to let the scrap car buyers near Peabody MA tow away the vehicle before you have removed your personal belongings from the vehicle. Examine the vehicle closely to find any of your personal things lying in the car.

If you want to sell different car components separately, confirm with the scrap car buyers whether they are willing to buy the clunker without those parts. If they are, you may want to safely extract valuable parts. You may make more money by selling these car parts separately, including aluminum in the car’s wheels, engine, cylinder heads, and radiator. There is platinum in the catalytic converter and copper is valuable too, which is found in the engine, radiator, and wiring. Iron in the bodywork and engine is highly valued.

How To Find the Best Scrap Car Buyers Near Peabody MA

When it comes to finding a car scrap buyer, you want to deal with one who is reputable and reliable. You do not want to connect with one that does not keep their words. So it is a good idea to look for reliable local scrap yards before deciding where to take your clunker. Look for reputable junkyards, salvage yards, or scrap car buyers near Peabody MA that believe in transparency, honest and fair dealings.

JUNKAR NINJA can connect car owners with the top scrap car buyers in their local market to make the entire process of sale easier. You want to make sure your clunker reaches the right hands when it comes to scrapping it. Of course, it will be wrong to sell it to scrapyards that simply dump all unused vehicles in their dump yards, adding to landfill waste. Rather, you should be happy to connect with those that are affiliated with recycling centers.

The idea is to ensure that the rusting piece of junk meets a fair end and does not continue to destroy the environment. Let JUNKAR NINJA guide your choice of scrap car buyers near Peabody MA. But for that, you will need to pick up the phone and dial (781)-905-8448.

Scrap car buyers near Peabody MA


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