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Do you have a scrap vehicle lying idle in your garage? That old vehicle could be put to better use at the auto scrap yard.  The auto scrap yard also serves to aid the safe removal of these cars from the neighborhoods.  This is why it is smart to sell your scrap vehicle near Melrose MA, to an auto scrap company. A notable example of a company you can trust to deliver premium auto scrapping and recycling is Junkar Ninja.

The auto scrap yard can be described as a conversion plant that extracts the reusable features from your scrap vehicle. It serves to provide scrap car removal services alongside eco-friendly vehicle disposal.

Scrap vehicles

The term “Scrap vehicle” is used to describe vehicles that have reached the end of their useful life, been involved in an accident, or have major mechanical problems.  These vehicles do not run anymore and have no primary use to their owners. However, these cars can become useful if they undergo auto salvage at auto scrap yards.

Junkar Ninja performs high-quality auto salvage at our auto scrap yards near Melrose MA.

Auto Salvage

Auto Salvage is the general term used to describe all the activities performed in the auto scrap yard. It involves reprocessing your scrap vehicle near Melrose MA, into usable materials and components. These components are then used as starting material in car production and for refurbishing damaged cars.

While car manufacturers are improving their production process to produce less auto waste during the car production process, auto scrap services play an essential role in reducing the number of vehicles at the landfills by utilizing safe vehicle disposal.

Junkar Ninja offers premium scrap car removal alongside a reasonable payment for your vehicle.

There are many auto scrapping services available for you to sell your scrap vehicle near Melrose MA. As a matter of fact, the auto scrapping industry has experienced enough growth to rank among one of the world’s largest industries.

Selling your scrap vehicle near Melrose MA for Auto Salvage

When you sell your junk cars to auto scrap companies, it goes through a specialized process to convert it to a usable form. It actually happens in stages. Let’s talk a bit about them.

Scrap vehicle near Melrose MA

Stage two: Auto parts removal

The next stage is the auto part removal stage. All of the reusable features such as the engine parts, catalytic converter, electrical systems, wheels, tires and so on are removed from the vehicle.  Virtually everything from the engine parts to mirrors, and floor mats are removed because there is a massive demand for it on the market.

We have an advanced car placing system at Junkar Ninja, which we use to identify all of the useful materials in your car. This ensures that we do not miss anything when we recycle scrap vehicle near Melrose MA.

Stage three: Crushing stage

The last stage is the crushing stage. After all the usable parts are stripped from the scrap vehicle, the remaining frame and body are crushed into small cubes. Afterward, it is transported to the recycling plant to convert it into valuable scrap metal in the form of steel, aluminum, and iron.

Get cash for your scrap vehicle near Melrose MA, at Junkar Ninja

Auto salvage is a win-win for all parties involved—the environment benefits from safe vehicle disposal and, consequently, low environmental pollution. The auto scrap service gets an endless supply of valuable spare parts and scrap metal, which are in high demand in the market. More importantly, you get paid a fair amount of money for your junk cars.

Junkar Ninja supplies top of the line auto scrapping and recycling service to local car owners looking to sell their scrap vehicle near Melrose MA. We also supply many other notable places in Massachusetts, such as Maine, Danvers, Middleton, Burlington, to mention a few.

Contact us on (781)-990-6783 to get started.

Scrap vehicle near Melrose MA

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