Scrap Your Car Near Beverly MA

Old vehicles are best sent to recycling centers, agree? If you leave your old favorite abandoned in the yard, you are making it difficult to sell it later as it will continue to rust and lose its value. Besides, you do not want your vehicle to contribute to scrap automotive heap in landfills. So what is the best way to scrap your car near Beverly MA and make the process environmentally friendly?

JUNKAR NINJA has a few suggestions.

There are many parts that can be reused and recycled. So why let them rust and degrade the environment? Instead, you can choose to recycle them. let us see which parts still hold value before you choose to scrap your car near Beverly MA.


You may not be aware of the value a car battery holds even if the vehicle is worth scrapping. In fact, a batter is the most widely recycled part. However, it must be handled with utmost care and properly disposed of. Authorized recycling centers know how to go about the proper disposal of the battery, which involves breaking down all the components, such as lead, plastic, and electrolytes. Lead must be carefully smelted into pellets, which are then reused while the plastic cover is crushed. A battery also carries sulphuric acid, which must be neutralized using a simple compound. 

Motor Oil & filters

When you scrap your car near Beverly MA with a reputable scrap company, they would tell you that the motor oil must be disposed of carefully to prevent soil and groundwater contamination. 

Recycling of oil filters must be done after all the oil has been safely drained from the reservoir. Safe disposal of filters is a must and they should not be thrown in a landfill. Oil filters contain steel that can be put to reuse.


You do not want to let tires fill landfills unnecessarily. So safe disposal is a must to keep the environment clean. JUNKAR NINJA suggests recycling these non-bio-degradable car components instead of throwing them into landfills, where stacks of tires can occupy a lot of space. In fact, tires can be repurposed as artificial turf in playgrounds or new tires. 


Your car has a lot of glass, which should not be left to break. Rather, it is a good idea to repurpose and reuse it in automobiles. It may also be used to make artificial jewelry, countertops, and glass mugs. Would you still want to scrap your car near Beverly MA before removing these crucial car components?

Scrap your car near Beverly MA

Engine parts 

An engine is one of the most important components in a car that scrap dealers use to evaluate your vehicle. There are many engine parts that are worthy of recycling, including catalytic converters, radiators, among others. JUNKAR NINJA-affiliated scrap yards understand the value of a vehicle and its parts.


All scrap yards are happy to take your clunker for its scrap metal. The metal in an end-of-life vehicle is the easiest to recycle. They crush the metallic body into different metal blocks. Plastic in a car can be repurposed to make other products when you choose to scrap your car near Beverly MA

JUNKAR NINJA is committed to the environment. We believe that one of the best ways to keep the environment less polluted with automotive waste is to recycle end-of-life vehicles. Our affiliated junkyards are connected to reputable recycling centers. That means when you scrap your car near Beverly MA with one of these junkyards and recycling facilities, you are reinforcing your green thumb and carrying forward the sustainability message.

When you look for car buyers, you want to make sure they are legitimate scrap merchants with a license to dispose of the car in a safe manner while adhering to safety regulations. When you choose a merchant with a license to junk the vehicle, you do not have to deal with dodgy dealers who will not hesitate to surprise you with unscrupulous deals. 

When you are happy with the deal, the next step is to arrange a pickup. Luckily, JUNKAR NINJA can do that and you do not have to worry about carrying the vehicle to the junkyard. The best thing is car removal services associated with us do not charge a single cent to tow the vehicle to the scrap yard. But this is not the case with all scrap yards. So when you decide to scrap your car near Beverly MA, choose a licensed and reliable company that enjoys positive reviews from previous customers.

If the idea sounds interesting, dial (781)-905-8448 and make life easier for yourself.

Scrap your car near Beverly MA


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