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Have you constantly faced problems while trying to sell junk car no title near Lexington MA? Junk cars are an eyesore; a clunker with no title is an even bigger problem. It is notable to mention that it is illegal to sell your vehicle with no title. So what do you do? Leave it abandoned in your home? Absolutely not! Provided you are willing to sell, you can always earn from your title-less vehicles at Junkar Ninja. 

Let’s speak facts; your missing car title would prevent you from patronizing car trading platforms. Many junkyards will not buy a vehicle without a title. A car without title might mean the car is a stolen property or that the intending seller does not have the right to sell the vehicle.

Junkar Ninja deals in all types of cars, title or no title, regardless of their makes, model, and age.

The car title is an essential requirement in the car sale

A car title is a legal tender that conveys ownership of a vehicle to you. It is one of the most important documents registered to a car. This document contains details stating important information such as; vehicle make, model, VIN number, license plate information, owner’s name, and lienholders’ information (in the case of a car loan). While you might not consider this document important, you would find it increasingly challenging to sell junk car no title near Lexington MA.

There are different types of titles depending on the driving history and physical condition of the vehicle. Clear title, Flood title, Salvage title, and Junk titles are popular examples. Each title type informs the car buyer of the vehicle‘s background.

Not many buyers will buy cars with no title. Luckily, Junkar Ninja does. If you want to sell junk car no title near Lexington MA, reach out to us today. Let us recycle your junk waste and prevent scrap cars deterioration (and wastage) in our society.

How to sell junk car no title near Lexington MA?

Your missing title should not remove any value from your clunker. It is still worth a decent amount at the scrapyard. So you can still sell it if you see buyers that are flexible with the car trading rules.

Sell Junk car no title near Lexington MA

You can sell to a private buyer

A private buyer may be willing to exclude the title from the requirements of the car sale. But you have to do a lot of work to advertise, source, and attract buyers to see if they are willing to pay for your junk with no title. 

You can get a new title

If you got the time, you could reapply for a new title at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. All you have to do is follow due procedure, pay a small fee and wait for eight to ten working days before they reach back to you. After getting your title, you can proceed to sell your junk

You can recover the title from the lienholder

Do you have a car loan? If yes, you could negotiate the release of the lien and reclaim your car title.

Sell junk car no title near Lexington MA at Junkar Ninja

Junkar Ninja is a professional auto service company that deals with all vehicles and offers high-quality car sale services for all our customers. We are dedicated to bringing you high-quality auto services regardless of your missing title document.

Selling your junk car to us remains the fastest and most profitable option. You don’t have to put up ads, schedule numerous tiresome meetings only to put up with unfavorable offers. Reach out to us; we offer the best deals regardless of your missing title. You don’t have to pay a dime; we pay you instead! 

In the absence of your title document, you can use your driving license and cars registration. Just like that, you can sell junk cars no title near Lexington MA. We will handle the whole process while you kick back, relax, and get paid for your Junker. Put a call across to us, give us a detailed description of your car. We will provide you with an offer within the day. Then a representative from us will come to you to remove your clunker for free while you get paid immediately.

You can check out our services at Junkar Ninja; we bring high-quality auto services to all our clients. Furthermore, we provide quality scrap services. Reach out to us and have your junk car recycled.

Sell Junk car no title near Lexington MA

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