Sell My Car Fast Near Revere MA: Tips I Should Know To Get Higher Value

Finally, you have decided to sell an old unused car and get yourself a new vehicle. You have been trying to find an answer to the question: how to sell my car fast near Revere MA? The best way to sell car fast is to send it to the scrap yard.  An online search will give you plenty of options, from salvage yards to scrap dealers and junked car buyers. Get in touch with some of them and get instant quotes, depending on the year, age, and condition of the vehicle.

Further, I always compare the quotes to get the best deal when I want to sell my car fast near Revere MA. Remember, the value of your vehicle is more than a price calculated based on its scrap value. How? Well, you must know that the reusable parts carry a separate value. This can add to the profit. If you contact reputable car junking services, including JUNKAR NINJA, there is a guarantee that you will get a share of these profits.

Sell as  One-Piece Car

A vehicle with all components intact will command a good price even if it is an old car. I can not expect to get a higher value when looking to sell my car fast near Revere MA unless it looks like a car, not an assortment of parts.

  • The reason is that complete cars have scrap metal that sells separately. Auto scrap yards earn a good amount by selling reusable spare parts. So you might want to compare pricing options for selling the vehicle as one piece.
  • Some junkyards do not accept dismantled cars.
  • A one-piece car is less likely to be affected by market metal price fluctuation, compared dismantled vehicles.

However, when I tried to sell my car fast near Revere MA, I worked hard to avoid unscrupulous activities in the scrap market. Some have a tendency not to disclose all the details of the deal. As a result, car owners are in for a big surprise at the time of payment, realizing some hidden charges that they were not told about at the outset.

Additionally, such dealers do not make a transparent evaluation, as they refrain from talking about reusable and recyclable parts.

To avoid dealing with such unfair deals, connect with JUNKAR NINJA for an honest evaluation and fair pricing. With us, you have the guarantee to get a fair deal, since we take every single detail into consideration, including reusable parts, recyclable components, and the market price of scrapped steel.


Evaluate the Value of Scrap

When I decided to sell my car fast near Revere MA, the first thing came to mind was the scrap price. However, when you do a scrap evaluation, remember that it is subject to some conditions, including:

  • Age of the car
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Weight – A heavy clunker gets a higher quote for its high amount of metal, including aluminum, iron, and copper. A junkyard will determine the price based on its scrap metal value.
  • The condition of the vehicle is important. Scrapping an accidental vehicle could result in a lower quote compared to a worn-out car. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to extract reusable parts in a vehicle wrecked in an accident.
  • Pickup cost was the most important consideration when I to try to sell my car fast near Revere MA. Some salvage yards do not declare it initially, but often surprise the car owner at the last minute by charging extra for pickup services.

You may want to connect with JUNKAR NINJA to avoid any extra cost and get the best value for your clunker. We offer free pick up services too.

6 Tips To Get Higher Value
  1. Find licensed auto wrecking yards. If I go to scrap my car fast near Revere MA, I will go for only those authorized to do it. You may not get a fair deal if you choose agents operating without proper authorization.
  2. Get quotes from multiple sources. It is not a good idea to settle for quotes from a single junkyard. You will never get the best deal if you do not do a comparative analysis of different quotes. Let the dealer know that you will not settle for just about anything. Put forth a few questions to show your market awareness so they try not to hide the key facts from you.
  3. Give your vehicle a neat look by removing rust and cleaning up the car. A clean vehicle may fetch you a higher price.
  4. Ask about additional costs, including pick up charges, so that you do not get a surprise at the time of payment. You may also want to inquire about taxes or any other fees. JUNKAR NINJA offers free pick-up services.
  5. Research the scrap market to look for scrap metal prices. Your vehicle is valuable due to its aluminum and metal components that sell separately. It is a good idea to sell your clunker when the market is strong, especially if you want to get the best value.
  6. Seek expert help to remove invaluable parts in the vehicle if you ever have thoughts on how to sell my car fast near Revere MA. The idea is not to damage the vehicle by doing it yourself. It will help to sell it as a single piece, not an assortment of parts to get a higher value.

If you are still confused where to sell my car fast near Revere MA, call JUNKAR NINJA at 781-905-8448. For the past 25 years, we have been one of the most reliable names in the scrap junking industry. Let us offer you the best value for your clunker. We are just a call away!


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