Things to know about scrapping a car near Chelsea MA

You shouldn’t dump your scrap cars anymore! Scrapping your old vehicles has proven to be an effective way of dealing with the large numbers of auto waste every year. As a matter of fact, the government and environmental bodies encourage scrapping and recycling operations to reduce the level of dumping at landfills and, consequently, pollution. You should scrap your cars. Here is what you need to know about scrapping a car near Chelsea MA.

Car scrapping is a lot more than crushing your old cars to be reused; it is a little more than that. In fact, you might be surprised about the number of stages it takes to go about scrapping a car near Chelsea MA.

Moreover, it provides a chance to give your old cars a befitting end while giving a chance to make money off your old cars.

You can enjoy high-quality auto scrapping services from Junkar Ninja at one of our car scrap yards near Chelsea MA.

ABCs of scrapping a car near Chelsea MA

Let’s talk about the stages involved in scrapping a car near Chelsea MA.

Removing fluids from your old cars

Junkar Ninja practices advanced auto scrapping activities that ensure that all the useful parts are removed from your cars while ensuring that the environment is not polluted during the scrapping process.

Before we start scrapping your car, it is necessary to extract all the fluids from your vehicle. A regular car has fluids that are contained in different tanks, hoses, and pipes. Leaving this fluid inside your car while scrapping it can make the scrapping operation messy. Besides, these fluids can be filtered and reused. Examples of such fluids include; antifreeze, petrol, brake oil, hydraulic fluids and several others.

We drain the fluids from your vehicle by opening their containers and pouring them out or drilling a hole into the container so that it seeps out through the hole.

Extraction of the useful spare parts

Fun fact: Most of your scrap car’s auto parts still have fair second-hand use as spare parts. These parts can be recovered and reused. It makes no sense for you to dispose of your vehicles when you can monetize these parts by scrapping a car near Chelsea MA.

Scrapping a car near Chelsea MA

Junkar Ninja uses top of the line auto scrapping practices to identify and extract the vehicle’s useful materials. You can expect us to remove auto parts such as the wheels, batteries, catalytic converters, electrical systems and many others. We also remove your batteries because they can be recycled and reused; they contain hazardous chemical materials that cannot be drained without harming the environment.

An essential part of scrapping a car near Chelsea MA is the removal of the engine. Your engine contains mechanisms that may be fully operational even when your engine stops working. The engine is specially removed from scrap vehicles to be reused elsewhere (if it is still operable) or taken apart for separate recycling.

Crushing the remaining frame of your scrap vehicle

After all the useful parts have been removed from your scrap vehicle, the next step is to convert the remaining frame of your Junker to scrap metal. We do this by subjecting the empty body shell to a mechanical crusher. This compresses it into a compact cube.

Crushing the remaining frame is an important step to extract scrap metals in the form of steel, aluminum and iron from your car. Also, it reduces the storage space and makes it easier to transport the vehicle to a recycling plant where it would be melted down and recycled.

Junkar Ninja provides you with high-quality auto scrapping services.

The basic idea behind auto scrapping service is to provide usefulness to auto waste rather than disposing of them. Finding an expert auto wrecker is a hassle. Lucky for you, Junkar Ninja has provided several auto scrapping packages to help you with scrapping a car near Chelsea MA.

We possess the technical expertise to cater to all sorts of cars. Bring us your old cars and enjoy the best auto scrapping services possible. We also pay generously for your old cars.

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Scrapping a car near Chelsea MA

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