Benefits of Car Scrap Yard Near Nahant MA to the Environment

You have a junk car sitting in the garage. But did you know that it is an environmental hazard? Well, environmentally friendly is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you have a clunker in the yard, the fact is that an unused vehicle can cause severe damage to the environment. You should look for an environmentally friendly car scrap yard near Nahant MA, whose focus is to reduce, recycle, and reuse junk. JUNKAR NINJA is connected with environmentally responsible junkyards that focus on reducing the amount of environmental waste.

An unlimited number of abandoned, damaged, and unused cars are sitting junk in driveways. Are these vehicles doing any good to the environment? Of course, not! Rather, these rusting vehicles are degrading and posing a huge threat to the environment.

Junkyards recycle old vehicles by stripping them for metal and spare parts or fixing them up. If you get your clunker scrapped in a JUNKAR NINJA car scrap yard near Nahant MA, this piece of unsightly trash can be transformed into a source of recycled material.

Did you know that these abandoned vehicles are a significant source of metal and spare parts?  About 150 million metric tons of scrap metal is produced every year in the United States, with iron and steel making 85 million, besides lead, copper, zinc, and aluminum. Unless recycled, scrap will only cause more harm to the environment.

Benefits of Going to a Car Scrap Yard Near Nahant MA

  • Reduce Waste

When you take your junk to a car scrap yard near Nahant MA, you are reducing waste and doing your bit for the environment.  Even the most damaged junker is a huge source of scrap metal. A reliable junkyard like those affiliated with JUNKAR NINJA can recycle the waste and give it a second life. Contrarily, letting the junk sit in a landfill can cause significant harm to the environment.

Would you still want to throw away these machines that are not of any use to you?

Besides, many junk cars comprise valuable parts that are in good condition and could be put to use elsewhere. A reliable car scrap yard near Nahant MA knows how to get the most out of the junk, ensuring nothing useful is left behind.

  • Reduce pollution

You might not be aware of the number of chemicals in a vehicle. Imagine the amount of pollution and damage these unused, abandoned vehicles can cause to the environment. Your junk vehicle, which is no longer in use, has all sorts of toxins to the amount of 5-10 gallons, including battery acid and antifreeze, which are harmful to the environment, if not disposed of safely.


Imagine the amount of damage these pollutants can cause to the soil, water, and life on earth! Even car batteries are a major source of lead pollution.

So the best way to dispose of these harmful substances is to contact a reputable car scrap yard near Nahant MA that is licensed to do the needful safely. The JUNKAR NINJA professional network of auto salvage yards carefully handles such chemicals that are toxic for the environment.

You should show your responsibility toward the environment by approaching a car scrap yard near Nahant MA to scrap your clunker.

  • Reduce the burden on mining

A lot of mining activity is under way across the globe to produce metal for the automotive industry. Are you aware of the amount of damage mining can cause to the environment? True, it is not an earth-friendly activity, since a lot of the earth’s resources are exhausted in the process. Besides, mining activities release harmful toxins into the soil, water, and air. A car scrap yard near Nahant MA plays an important role in reducing the burden on mining.

EU figures indicate that carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced when recycled raw materials are used in manufacturing.  After the mining of ores, they require more energy for smelting and turning into usable material. Contrarily, when scrap is melted and reshaped, it takes less time and energy. Recycling scrap metal reduces the huge amounts of energy otherwise used for smelting, which lowers the risk of greenhouse gas emissions.

For example, recycling of aluminum consumes 95% less amount of energy compared to smelting.

Therefore, by sending your clunker to a car scrap yard near Nahant MA, such as those in the JUNKAR NINJA network, you can take a step for the benefit of the environment. The scrap metal from your damaged car can be used in different vehicles, thus helping protect and preserve the environment!

Remember, the more the amount of recycled metal, the less the burden on the environment for mining.

So would you still let your clunker sit in the landfills and become a major source of environmental pollution?

Let the team at JUNKAR NINJA take charge and help you find the best scrap yard for your abandoned, unused, damaged, or totaled vehicle. Connect with our car scrap yard near Nahant MA at (781)-905-8448 today. Our affiliated auto salvage yards are licensed to scrap metal waste and put it to good use.


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