The Must-Do Checklist When I Scrap My Car Near Swampscott MA

Have you decided to scrap your car? Perhaps if your vehicle is battered and no longer in use, the right way forward is to scrap it. When I planned to go ahead to scrap my car near Swampscott MA, I came across some dos and don’ts.  Rightly, scrapping your clunker is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint, get some cash for car, and get rid of the junk.

  • Look for an authorized dealer- Where to scrap my car near Swampscott MA

The first important point you need to consider before scrapping your vehicle is to find an authorized facility. The idea is to ensure that you look for licensed junkyards that are authorized to scrap vehicles for recycling or repurposing.

If the deal turns sour after it had been finalized and the dealer hesitates to pay the full amount as promised, you may want to make a valid claim against them.

There is more to lose when you scrap vehicle with a shady dealer. In the worst circumstances, you may even be sued for improper transferring of your clunker.

JUNKAR NINJA takes pride in being one of the top reputable junkyards in Swampscott MA. We are licensed to recycle scrap vehicles for metal in the most environmentally friendly manner.

  • Present proof of ownership – How to scrap my car near Swampscott MA with or without a title

Next important point to consider is to get your documents sorted. You will be required to present proof of your ownership of the vehicle. If you have lost the title of the vehicle, you may re-apply for it. Consult the state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) to have your car title replaced. In some states, a title is not required for very old cars.

Or if the junkyard accepts vehicles without a title, such as JUNKAR NINJA, then you ought to produce other key documents to prove that the vehicle is registered in your name. This may include vehicle registration, driver’s license, or any other proof of photo identification.

Without necessary documents, you cannot prove to the junkyard that you are the legal owner.

  • Important steps – What more to do to scrap my car near Swampscott MA

Did you know that you need to remove the license plate before you send your vehicle for dismantling? Perhaps you might be wondering, “When I have decided to scrap my car near Swampscott MA, what will I do with the license plates”? Correct, the automobile is dead and meant for dismantling, but the license plate is still valid even when a vehicle retires from service.

In fact, it is a legal requirement in some states to remove license plates from an automobile upon transfer of ownership. The license plate may be needed at the time you apply for title cancellation with the state DMV.


Next, you will need to cancel your car insurance. Whether your coverage is paid in full or still up, canceling your clunker’s insurance is important.  If you had made the full coverage payment in advance, you may be entitled to receive a refund.

It surely helps to inform the carrier about your decision to junk the vehicle. This will help maintain a cordial relationship, so you can qualify for any future special discounts or offers.

  • Go for the best- Why do I need to do comparison shopping to scrap my car near Swampscott MA

Well, you want the best deal for your clunker, right? So comparison shopping is a step in the right direction.  Remember, when you decide to scrap your car, you will get different offers from different dealers. The idea is to avoid dodgy scrap dealers and find reliable junkyards like JUNKAR NINJA that can offer the best value for your scrap.

When I decided to scrap my car near Swampscott MA, I realized that ignoring this important step could amount to unnecessary harassment and trouble. It is seen that many unscrupulous scrap dealers offer unrealistically high amounts for junk, but the amount you get ultimately is drastically low. They might cite many reasons for the drop in offer at the last minute. On top of it, there is always a high risk of negligence when such dealers handle your documents.

You should always look for licensed dealerships that are authorized for dismantling junk. Also, do not ignore any hidden charges, such as the cost of towing. It is better to ask the dealership whether they offer free towing. Consider their towing charges, if any.  JUNKAR NINJA offers free towing for junk. This means the amount you get in your hands is the value promised to you at the time of initial quote, unless there is major damage to the clunker that the dealership wasn’t informed about.

When you do comparison shopping, you can always opt for the best value.


What do I need not to do when I want to scrap my car near Swampscott MA?

Well, unless you are sure how to go about dismantling your vehicle, do not do it yourself. Don’t attempt scrapping your vehicle yourself unless you know the nitty-gritty involved in doing so. You may be interested to sell automotive parts separately, but dismantling a vehicle is a technical job. You might end up damaging the vehicle further if you are unsure how to go about it. Some junkyards reject vehicles without their parts, so it won’t help your cause if you decide to sell the parts separately.

Are you still wondering “where to sell my scrap near Swampscott MA”? JUNKAR NINJA is happy to help you get rid of your junk. Contact our affiliated junkyards today to get the best price for your clunker, with the additional benefit of no-cost junk car removal. Call JUNKAR NINJA at (781)-905-8448 for a free consultation today.


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