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If you have been the proud owner of a car for a decade, it might be high time you purchased a new one. But in order to do so, the old clunker must be retired. However, is it only about retiring the automobile? What is your responsibility when you are wondering, “how to sell my used car near Malden MA? as far as scrapping a vehicle is concerned, you want to make sure you find a reliable junkyard, which has the license to do the job the right way. JUNKAR NINJA is one.

Why Should You Scrap Used Car?

Now the most important question is why you should junk a vehicle. First, you want to get rid of an old vehicle to make space for a new one. Second, you want to remove cars from the environment.

Besides getting cash for a car, you are taking a step for the environment. Junk car removal is an environmentally friendly decision. So if you are pondering whether “I should sell my used car near Malden MA,” then the answer is a big YES. 

Junk car removal is an environmentally friendly step if your car reaches the right hands, that is, a junkyard licensed to scrap and recycle cars. most scrap yards keep old vehicle waste dumped in landfills. Does that serve any purpose? No. JUNKAR NINJA believes in recycling automotive waste. 

When you are thinking, I want to sell my used car near Malden MA,” consider the following:

Junk automobile recycling is regulated

You may not be aware that your old car could be a source of environmental pollution. By scrapping the vehicle with a licensed junkyard, you’re helping the environment. So you can enjoy peace of mind that your clunker will meet its end at the right place meant for recycling of automotive waste

When a car is scrapped and recycled, its parts can be used to give life to several vehicles. Remember, the car manufacturing industry needs a lot of metal for automobile production. As a result, car manufacturers use oil and carbon to produce metal, which can further pollute and harm the environment. 

However, when you decide to sell my used car near Malden MA to a licensed junkyard, you are transferring the vehicle to the right hands that value its metal and recycle its parts for reuse. This ensures that only little automotive waste is left to dump in landfills.

Sell my used car near Malden MA

The heavier the vehicle, the more value you can expect to get out of it. This holds true even for a vehicle that was completely damaged in a fire, flood, or car accident.

JUNKAR NINJA sends your vehicle to recycling centers do so save the environment and contribute to steel recycling. This saves the environment from the pressure of mining as a lot of steel is recycled and repurposed for reuse in new and old vehicles. 

Proper toxic disposal 

 When I sell my used car near Malden MA, is it only the steel for what it is valued? Well, there is a lot more in an automobile for which it is valued apart from metal. The right disposal is needed to safely dispose of other toxic elements in an automobile. There is a lot of harmful liquid in a car, which must be safely disposed of as per local environmental regulations. 

If you think you can do it yourself, you are wrong unless you have mechanical skills and experience. The right scrap yard and recycling facility know what to do and how to prevent these chemicals from entering the groundwater, soil, and water resources. 

Brake liquid, antifreeze, battery acid, and steering fluid are other toxic liquids in your automobile. If these harmful compounds are left to rot in open, they can be harmful to plants and animals. The right disposal ensures the conservation of wildlife as well. JUNKAR NINJA follows a strict environmental policy. 

We advise you to find the right junk car removal company when you are trying to find an answer to the question: where to sell my used car near Malden MA. Licensed salvage yards will take care of the safe disposal of automotive toxins. You can have peace of mind that your vehicle will not add to the environmental problem


Junk car removal companies try to take advantage of every component in a vehicle. Many of these companies try to sell the major car components, including air conditioning systems, tires, catalytic converters, batteries, tires, and wheels. If these are in working condition, they can sell them to private car owners looking for a replacement of their old or non-functional car parts.

When you are looking for a junkyard to sell my used car near Malden MA, find one that values the environment and has the license to do the job the right way. You do not want to contribute to landfills. 

You will be happy to find JUNKAR NINJA as an auto scrap partner, who will remove the automotive waste from your property and hand out the cash to you in return. With us, you can expect top dollar for a clunker. We can be reached at (781)-905-8448.Sell my used car near Malden MA


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