Common Junkyard Scams Discovered When I Sell My Used Car Near Revere MA

Ever wondered why junkyards do not enjoy the best reputation? When I was looking to sell my used car near Revere MA, I encountered a lot of problems. If you are searching for auto salvage yards, then you should explore all options to find the most reliable scrap yard. JUNKAR NINJA prides itself on its professional network of auto wreckage yards that will give you the best value for your car.

Beware of Common Junkyard Scams

If you think junk car buyers are shady, you are correct. There are many scrap yards that try to make a quick buck and come up with unscrupulous offers, giving you last-minute surprises.

But that does not mean each scrap yard is out to scam you. Typically, there are honest and reputable auto wrecking yards that can offer you the best deal. When looking to sell my used car near Revere MA, I came across a few common junkyard scams. You, too, should be aware of these frauds, so you deal with reliable junkyards.

No Title Transfer

Unfortunately, what I discovered when I was looking for options to sell my used car near Revere MA was that some dishonest scrap yards dupe you into selling the junk, promising to take care of the paperwork. However, they fail to cancel the registration of the vehicle in your name.  Later, they send you a bill for using their space for the parking, accompanied by a collection notice.

Unless the title for the car is signed, the transaction is not legal. So make sure you take care of the paperwork yourself to avoid such inconvenience later or connect with a reputable junkyard, such as those affiliated with JUNKAR NINJA.


Not all auto junkyards pick up junk vehicles from a client’s location. There are some that do. When trying to sell my used car near Revere MA, I discovered that some even try to dupe you with last-minute surprises. They may hire a tow truck driver to tow your junk to their yard. Some drivers tend to use unscrupulous means to convince you upon inspection that your car is worthless, claiming that the initial quote does not stand. In that case, you should immediately turn off the deal and look for another wrecking yard that offers free towing service.

Luckily, JUNKAR NINJA affiliated salvage yards are happy to tow your old vehicle free of cost.

Some tow truck drivers may even demand a fee for offering you a towing service. Remember, the junkyard is responsible for all payments for towing. If you’re not offered the same deal, you cannot let the driver put your junk vehicle on the hook. Call the junkyard immediately.


Bait and Switch

You want to get rid of the clunker, but that does not mean you should accept just about any deal. While you must disclose all details about the vehicle, the auto wrecking yard should be fair enough to stick to the deal until the end. You cannot accept the junkyard parting from its earlier commitment on price.

When I wanted to sell my used car near Revere MA, I realized that this was a common tactic employed by unscrupulous scrap yards. You should never sign over the title until the payment reaches your hands. You have every right to decline the offer if the junkyard attempts to renegotiate.

The idea is to find a reputable junkyard that sticks to its terms and ensures hassle-free payment, without any attempts to revise the offer.

Delayed Payment

Do not become a victim to the bait and switch tactics.

You have decided to get rid of the clunker to make some extra money from waste. So why wait for a deferred payment from the auto wrecking yard?

Do not settle for anything less than same-day payment from a junkyard. Besides, you should easily reject an offer if you do not receive the full payment as agreed upon previously.

Valuing the Clunker to Zero

Some auto wrecking yards may indulge in unfair means when valuing your clunker. I discovered this when I was exploring options to sell my used car near Revere MA. They might tell you that the car is worthless but the fact is that your junk still has some value even though it is broken, wrecked, rusted, or leaky. Remember, even a rusting abandoned vehicle has value as scrap metal.

Anyone that tries to degrade or devalue your vehicle is not the right buyer for your clunker. Forget about them and move on to another reliable junkyard. Luckily, the JUNKAR NINJA affiliated scrap yards offer the best value for used cars, depending on their make, model, and year.

The JUNKAR NINJA Advantage

At JUNKAR NINJA, we try to connect you with the most reputable junkyards that believe in customer service. Our affiliated scrap yards are happy to tow away your vehicle for free, ensuring a convenient, hassle-free transaction. Reputable junkyards are licensed to operate and scrap metal. Such reliable scrap yards do not make tall claims nor come up with extraneous offers to entice used car sellers.

Where should I sell my used car near Revere MA? If this question is troubling you, connect with JUNKAR NINJA today.


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